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Just like the Egyptians altered their narrative with each new pharaoh, the Catholics have done the same with each new pope. This continued with the King James Version of the Christian Bible. 

Eventually, the Mormons joined in, building upon the Bible's inconsistencies, which can be traced and reveal the deceptive nature of these stories. 

Joseph Smith, the so-called founder of Mormonism, was arrested for swindling people as a crystal ball reader. After his arrest, he likely discovered the Bible and recognized the potential for monetary gain through religious manipulation.

The Mormons hold various beliefs, such as an end-time battle involving Native Americans, who have long been peaceful and marginalized. They also wear special garments for protection during sleep. Joseph Smith's wealthy associate, Brigham Young made the religion expanded the religion and led followers to Utah, where the isolation allowed their beliefs to persist without interference. 

Mormons believe that they become gods after death, but they must treat their bodies as temples during their lives. They follow strict guidelines, such as eating healthily, avoiding smoking and tattoos, and not consuming alcohol. This level of conformity can be seen in other religions as well, like the Amish, who reject technology due to their interpretation of the Bible.

In conclusion, it is important to recognize the similarities and patterns across various religions, and to question the narratives that have been shaped by those seeking power and control.

The Muslims, like everyone else, are intelligent and hardworking people who have unfortunately been misled by religion. The Muslim religion is based on parts of the Catholic faith, just as Catholicism broke off from Judaism, which in turn evolved from Egyptian and Sumerian religions.

Muslims claim that Abraham had a child with a slave girl, who started the blood line that later gave birth to Muhammad. However, since Abraham has been proven to be a fictional character, it is evident that Muhammad is as well. A significant indication that their religion is fabricated is the story of Muhammad flying away on a white-winged horse, which is similar to the Greek myth of Pegasus.

The Muslim religion started 800 years after Christianity and appears to have plagiarized Christian teachings, incorporating elements of Egyptian and Sumerian traditions. The religion was spread through warfare, as soldiers conquered villages, killed men, enslaved boys, and forced their beliefs on the survivors like the Sumerians had started. 

The Quran shares many similarities with the Bible, including the stories of Adam and Eve (renamed Hawa), Cain and Abel (Qabil and Habil), and Enoch (Idris). Other parallels include Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Isaac (Ishaq), and Lot (Lut). The Quran even borrows the story of Abraham almost sacrificing his son, though it changes the son's identity.

Further examples of plagiarism include the renaming of biblical characters such as Jacob (Yaqub), Joseph (Yusuf), Job (Ayyub), Jethro (Shu'ayb), Moses (Musa), Aaron (Harun), and King David and Solomon (Dawud and Sulayman). The similarities between these names and stories reveal the extent to which the Quran borrowed from the Bible and other religious traditions.

In conclusion, it is essential to recognize the connections between various religions and understand how they have evolved and borrowed from one another throughout history. By doing so, we can gain a clearer perspective on the origins of these beliefs and the reasons behind their continued influence.

The similarities between the Bible and the Quran are numerous, with many characters from the Bible appearing in the Quran under slightly altered names and stories. Examples include Levi (Lawi), Judah (Yahuda), Benjamin (Banyamin), Elijah (Ilyas), Elisha (Al-Yasa), and Jonah (Yunas).

The Quran also contains much of the New Testament, albeit with some variations. Some discrepancies may have arisen from word-of-mouth transmission, translation errors, or the fact that the stories are fictional. The Quran includes characters such as Zechariah (Zakariya), John the Baptist (Yahya), and Mary (Maryam), who gave birth to Jesus (Isa) without divine conception, similar to the Sumerian goddess Nammu.

The Quran's version of Jesus, Isa, is a prophet rather than the son of God. This change was likely made to emphasize the importance of Muhammad, who is seen as the central figure in Islam. The Muslim religion is based on three earlier books (the Torah and two others related to the New Testament), which were combined with the story of Muhammad to create the Quran.

Muslims believe in the eventual return of Isa at the end of time, just as Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus. The Quran is considered the literal word of God, and it is believed that it cannot be changed or rewritten. However, as we have seen, all religions have evolved and borrowed from one another throughout history.

The last 25% of the Quran introduces new elements to the religion, which has led to divisions and conflicts among Muslim followers. These disagreements have caused strife within the Muslim community, just as they have in other religious traditions. 

The Erie part is the same divide line on land by people with borders between them still today. The border between the Sheit Muslims and the Sunni Muslims is the exact border divide line that was between these people when it was Sumerian on one side and the Akkadian on the other. They are still at it after 6,000 years but switched up religions. Evidence religion causes permanent division not unity. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Religion claims to love thy neighbor but it has obviously done the opposite for neighboring countries and beliefs that are not like theirs.

In conclusion, the numerous similarities between the Bible and the Quran demonstrate how religious stories and characters have evolved and been borrowed from one another. It is crucial for people to recognize the fictional nature of these stories and the pain and suffering they have caused throughout history. By moving away from these divisive beliefs, we can work towards a more unified and peaceful future.

Muslims, like Christians, often argue over slight variations in the rules they follow within their religious texts. Catholics, Baptists, and Protestants all have differing interpretations and practices, sometimes leading to conflict and even civil wars in the past, despite reading the same book. This pattern is observable in other religions as well.

Muslims use the older New Testament as a basis for the lineage that leads to Muhammad, although this lineage is entirely fictional. Similarly, other religious texts present a bloodline of gods and kings leading up to more recent leaders, until the advent of democracy. The lineage is part of their con to say look my fake god existed look he had a whole family line to prove it. 

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Buddhists claim that they are not a religion but a philosophy, although other religions make similar assertions and have been found to borrow from pre-existing philosophies.

Buddhists say the story of the white elephant impregnating the virgin mother was a dream, and then she gave birth to Buddha through natural means, with a human father. This narrative still resembles other religions that claim divine revelations through dreams, such as the Mayan sun god or various kings and pharaohs.

Another issue is the opulence of some Buddhist temples, adorned with gold in their architecture and statues. The amount of gold present suggests that millions in donations have been made to support a belief in a man with a god-like backstory. This evidence indicates that Buddhism shares characteristics with other religions, and financial contributions to such organizations should be reconsidered.

Next, holy water originated with Zeus; it was used in rituals in the temples of Zeus. I learned this from Bible Secrets. I also discovered that Zeus priests would use magic tricks and deception to make it appear as if a god performed the act, attracting people to their temples. A History Channel documentary, Bible Secrets Revealed, pointed out that early Christians did the same thing.

Christian priests would create two fire pits filled with wood and have two pails: one with water and another with a clear chemical liquid that resembled water. When mixed with a powder hidden under the wood, the two would ignite into a roaring fire. Early Christian priests would gather a crowd of Zeus followers and challenge them to see if their god could light the fire using water. Of course, it wouldn't light. They would then deceptively claim that the chemical was water from the Christian god and pour it on the powder-laced wood, causing it to burst into flames, appearing like divine magic to the ignorant. As a result, people would attend the Christian church instead of Zeus' temple.

The Greeks engaged in similar practices, such as placing a statue in a room with a hole to speak through from the next room. Visitors, who had consumed a large amount of wine provided by the priest under the guise of ritual, would have impaired senses. With only a dimly lit candle, they could barely see the statue. To the worshippers, the priest's voice coming through the hole seemed like a god speaking, and their imagination filled in the rest while looking at the statue.

Greek and Egyptian religions have already been proven to be mythology and are labeled as such. However, elements from both of these religions are mixed into modern-day religions. For some reason, people struggle to recognize that today's religions may be myths in the same way. People can see other religions are myth but can’t point their finger at themselves.

From a historical perspective, no historians mention any of the gods, Jesus, or Abraham as having existed. Archaeologists have found no evidence supporting the existence of these figures. I saw on the news that Josephus' alleged historical accounts of Jesus were considered forgeries; carbon dating and handwriting analysis suggested that he fabricated the writings. This revelation was reported in the news when the carbon dating results were released.

Thomas Paine worked to keep religious teachers out of schools and ensure that non-religious professors were employed in colleges. Thomas Paine was quoted outside of his books as saying “The Christian religion is a parody upon the worship of the Sun in which they put a man called Christ in place of the sun and paid him the adoration originally given to the sun.” It’s obvious Paine figured out more but didn’t write it in a book.

One of Paine’s notable quotes is: "All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim , appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit."

In the part at the top where I mention the Three Wise Men not being in the Bible, I heard that from the History Channel and Thomas Paine.

Although Paine was unfamiliar with Egyptian religion, he expressed confusion regarding the origin of the Three Wise Men. He noted that the Bible introduces them in a manner typically reserved for announcing a general in the past.

Similar to movie scenes where a king is announced before entering a room, the History Channel confirmed Paine's observation, stating that the Bible mentions one general, not three wise men. This suggests that the Three Wise Men story originated as a word-of-mouth tale from Egypt, passed down through history and continuing to this day.

In Thomas Paine's Age of Reason, he discusses a Bible passage containing a recipe for cooking bread that includes using human feces for fuel in place of wood to cook and flavor the bread, then in the Bible god says Cow Feces will do. 

Some devout Christians, unaware of the absurdity, followed the text and suffered the consequences. The History Channel supported Paine's claim by featuring a man who admitted to trying the feces as fuel to bake the bread, though he substituted horse feces for human feces or cow feces like the Bible says.

So now whenever something negative occurs in that man's life, he regrets not using human feces as the recipe instructed. The inclusion of feces for fuel to bake and flavor the bread was likely a cruel joke by con artists, who probably laughed at the expense of those who fell for it throughout history.

Additionally, scientists tested holy water in 100 churches and found high levels of feces in all samples. Initially, I thought this might be due to people not washing their hands before touching the holy water. However, the frequency and feces levels suggest it's not a coincidence. It's possible that priests have been deliberately adding feces to holy water and flicking it onto people's faces for thousands of years.

Paine highlights the contradictions, incoherent chapters, and misplaced sections within the Bible, arguing that it would never hold up in a court of law as the word of God. These observations are recorded in The Age of Reason.

Paine's story continued until his death. His family, who were with him until his final moments, reported that priests visited Paine on his deathbed, urging him to profess his faith in God. Paine refused and asked them to leave. He likely told them that Jesus was parody upon the worship of the sun in which they put a man called Christ in place of the sun and paid him the adoration originally paid to the sun.  

Regardless, the dishonest priests returned to the church, falsely claiming that Paine had professed his faith in God and fabricating a sentimental poem as if it were Paine's last words. This same fate has befallen every individual who gained notoriety by speaking out against the church, including more recent figures like Christopher Hitchens.

Religious adherents circulate these false deathbed statements online to convince others that all nonbelievers ultimately turn to God in their final moments, discouraging resistance to their beliefs. This deceptive tactic attempts to demonstrate that even people like Thomas Paine ultimately admitted their errors and submitted to God, revealing the sinister nature of these con artists. I’ll bet money the con men will do the same to me after I die if this really real truth takes off. It’s a big if though because people love to hear lies and they hate to hear the truth.  

The church seems to be a group of con artists covering their tracks in any way they can. The problem is that people don't appear to want to hear the truth. They claim they do, but when confronted with it, they quickly retreat in disbelief.

In summary, the Sumerians initiated religious law, which was later altered by younger generations, leading to civil wars in which new religions emerged victorious and took control. This process of spreading, changing, and warring with itself continues to this day, manifesting in conflicts between religious conservatives and rational democracy. Religion seeks to regain control over Thomas Paine's vision of democracy, where the people have a say, and reintroduce a religious authoritarian dictatorship with fascist rule.

That’s why we must fight this information war to stop the religious. We have to make them aware no matter what the cost or the religious will pull their blanket of lies over the world and suffocate it to death. We only get one Earth,the one life this is it, our one and only chance. 

We have the power to wake the religious up from their lies and make this world a better place for everyone. It’s been proven that all we have to do is pull together, help each other out and we can win this information war. We can save the religious from themselves. The time is now, the religious are pulling together to bring the end times. We need to pull together to stop them by making them aware before it is too late. Working together is our only hope. Please help me fight this information war. 

To see the truth, you must seek the truth. If responsible people don't address these lies, then irresponsible people will continue to exploit them.