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Just like the Egyptians changed their story with each new pharaoh the Catholic have done the same with each new pope. Then it got changed more with the King James Version Christian version. 

Then eventually the Mormons got in on the con and played off the Bible’s lies which had a start up that was trackable and helps show how much of a con this all is.

 Joseph Smith their so called founder was arrested still on court records today for conning people out of their money as a crystal ball reader. Obviously a manipulator after that arrest probably found the Bible in jail and was smart enough to see religion was a lie and got in on the money scam. 

Smith, obvious to common people, made up his own religion stretched off of the Christian religion like all the religions did before. There is a common pattern through history there is always a new con man that sees religion is a con and they decide to make their own religion and steal some of the power. That’s why there are 150 different religions and really people should have noticed that by now. People can see other religions are fake and shame them but they can never point the finger at themselves.

Like all the other con men before him, he made changes to the earlier religion. Joseph decided to included multiple wives the horny bastard showing mans lust in the religion again. 

Even put in the Book of Mormon how he tricked a guy into writing the book. The followers read that gold plate bull but still believe it. The gold plates never have been seen you would think they would have forged some by now with all the gold the Mormons received from their sheep but no they probably realize people are so gullible they don’t have to. 

The religious are so easily tricked I bet they can forge the gold plates make up stories of how they just found them stamp every plate 2022 and the followers will still eat up the lie. The Mormons could record themselves making the plates and show it to their followers and just like the trump supporters they’ll still believe the lie. 

That’s what religion does to the weak minded. No matter how much evidence they see they do mental gymnastics and trick themselves into staying in their lie. All for the  fake lie about living with loved ones forever in heaven after death. They all sold their lives not their soul their lives for that lie. They contain themselves, give all their extra money to the church the lie and deny themselves any real fun for a lie. 

Then there is a Mormon belief that the Indians are going to rise up and win in the end time battle when the Indians are almost extinct. They wear pajamas that they call magic underwear to protect them in their sleep from a long list of things that will never happen. 

Joseph smith didn’t even make the Mormon religion go big. Smith’s rich lackey Brigam Young took what Smith started and headed out west to Utah. Utah was a much larger state then and was part of every state that is around it now. The Mormon religion was able to grow with no one putting logic into their mess. There the Mormons had a hundred years all to themselves with themselves leading to the largest rate of handicapped from inbreeding than anywhere else in the USA right in Utah. Proving incest is not a good ideal and causes deformities. First part history channel that last tid bit came from the news.

The Mormons believe when they die they become a god but before they die their body is their temple. A saying that was around before the Mormons,Egyptian once again. So they are forced to eat healthy, never smoke cigarettes, never get a tattoo. Pretty much a nazi conforming type religion but all the religions were that bad in the past. 

It’s not just the Muslims being super strict look at the Amish. The Amish is what you look like if you follow the Bible to the T. The Amish deny technology because of the eating of the apple the tree of knowledge so advance tech knowledge is bad. The real reason why religion is against knowledge is because you’ll figure out what I’m telling you now; that it’s all a lie, a con. 

I’ve noticed all the religions condone rape always in a one sentence liner in their books, but the men that read it take it too far all the way as if rape is ok. Like the Bible mentions the angels that came to see Lot and the town people wanted the angels so they could rape them but instead of giving up the angels Lot gave up his own daughters to be raped. He was the only moral man in town according to the story.

In a way it is condoning rape but the fools that get too far into the Bible have taken it as a green light from god to rape. Rape is OK as long as your not raping an angel by their logic and I’ve heard it come out of their mouths. Also, the lesson says to put god before children. Also in that Abraham story where he was about to stab his son for god thing that’s the con man getting people to put fake god before family.

The same with the Quran it mentions Mohamed raping his own daughter and doesn’t mention it being bad, so the Muslim fanatics take it as a green light from god to rape. The Sumerians started it which the Sumerian god that didn’t rape his daughter just unknowingly had sex with her, got her pregnant then ended up with his daughter’s daughter. From what I gather many commit the rape and then use the book once they find that part to justify the rape and that’s why they make that stretch, to make themselves feel better through fake justification. 

I’m not saying all religious people are rapists, just saying they use it to justify their wrong doing from what I am gathering. Most religious people are good people that just want to be safe, not raped, not murdered and their families kept safe. The con men that made religion saw that and used it to their advantage. 

Making promises of keeping you safe from rape and stopping the insanity,the evil, in a trick to gain your trust and use your fears to extract money and get you to spread their messages, their propaganda to bring in more people to their lie so they can make more money. 

 The religious love to use fear to get you to stay in the religion; same with the white supremacy fear of not being the dominant race. It’s fear that drives us the most even fear from a nightmare. Like this ancient example a Mayan priest that had a dream that the sun wouldn’t rise unless people were sacrificed every day to the sun. So he started to kill people daily and to him he could say to his people look the sun has risen all because we sacrificed blood to the sun god. 

As if daily human life around the world doesn’t give enough blood. In India they sacrifice chickens and other live animals around the clock; blood must always fall on these statues of their gods and people keep the line long thinking it brings them good luck to pay in with blood. Religion for you just a crazy thought in some man’s head implemented causing lasting pain and suffering. Us humans need to quit playing these ancient games and grow up. 

In some ways religion brought order in a time of chaos; forced Neanderthals to finish evolution or die. Obviously from the commandments people were getting killed, raped and sleeping with their neighbor’s wives. These ancient men had enough of it labeled it evil and made religion.  

Essentially religion is a rule book of laws with a fake god in your head to enforce it to help rule in rural areas, in your head constantly, but religion is too strict and that is why there has been resistance all throughout history. Mostly because a part of us just wants to be free no matter how reckless, but I do see the need for order and justice. Some young men are confused ass holes that need police to keep them in line. I see it but most people really are naturally good and don’t need religion. The men that do act out grow out of it 90 percent of the time. 

Now days with the police and government religions are not needed for order. Once people quit listening to religion that tells people not to watch history channel,not to watch comedy, not to watch all the news to get a broader view. People will rise up and start making better decisions. 

Religious people are smart, but religion gets to people at birth and then they get mentally closed in with lies,stuck in a bubble unable to expand their mind where ignorance is bliss. That’s why the religious always hear people say your religion is a lie fake wake up but they have no idea how to. 


The Muslims are very smart and just as great.  Good looking people tricked by religion  too sadly. The Muslim religion based off parts of the Catholic religion just as the Catholic broke off of the Jewish religion as they broke off the Egyptians as they broke off of the Sumerians religions just one spawning off another. 

The Muslim pull off the claim that Abraham had sex with a slave girl that later gave birth to Mohamed, but because Abraham is proven to be made up like all of it, obviously Mohamed is too. The biggest give away that their religion is made up is when Mohamed flies away on a white winged horse. Which is really a repeated story stolen from Greek mythology the white Pegasus. 

The Muslim religion started 800 years after the Christian’s religion and most obviously plagiarized the Christian religion meaning the whole Egyptian Sumerian stuff all over again. Much like the Sumerians the religion was spread through war by defeating small villages, killing the men, enslaving the boys, taking the girls for wives the rest became target practice. The survivors had their ruler’s religion forced upon them daily. The soldiers would move in and force the town to live their way of life. 

Right off the Muslim religion has Adam and Eve left the name Adam right out in the open but they changed Eve to Hawa. They plagiarized the Cain and Able story from the older Bible version where Cain and Able had a twin sister. That story was plagiarized from the Osiris and Seth story with their twin sisters Isis and Nepthy. 

Cain became Qabil and Able became Habil in the Quran. Both the Bible and Quran mention a third brother Seth but it’s the second brother in Egyptian Set so they messed up from the original story. The third brother Seth is called Shayth in the Quran. 

Enoch that was plagiarized from Thoth turned from Enoch to Idris in the Quran. Idris was the great grandfather of the Muslim’s version of Noah. Noah is called Nuh in the Quran.  

The Quran version of the Noah ark story was the exact same big boat 2 of every animals the difference was Nuh had 4 sons Noah had three sons big change makes it so obviously different. Obviously the priest that wrote the Quran was like was it four or three let’s go with four. 

Allah means god even though they claim they don’t have a name for god. Just like the Christians say about their god. No images of god just that one with god reaching down at Adam but most churches reject that because like the Muslims no images of god they want that imaginary friend to remain in your imagination. 

The Muslim plagiarized Abraham too. They call him Ibrahim so cheap just switched a couple As to an I. The copy cat made it obvious. Bible like Religion was literally everywhere around the Muslims for thousands of years and the Muslims came in way late to the party then try to cry the most when you say something about their religion. 

In the Bible Abraham had 2 sons Ishmael and Isaac that the Muslims changed to Ismail and Ishaq . Both had the story of Abraham about to kill his son for god before stopping him bull crap. The ancients really sucked when it came to metaphors but anyways Abraham was to sacrifice his second born son Isaac to where the Quran went with the first born son Ismail. 

The Quran even took the story of Lot from the Bible and changed his name to Lut. 

Jacob was change to Yaqub in the Quran. 

Joseph was changed to Yusuf in the Quran with similarities in their story the Quran even added names that the Bible left blank like the name of Yusuf wife. Job became Ayyub in the Quran. Jethro became Shu’ayb in the Quran. 

Of course Moses has to be in the Quran. Moses was called Musa and Mount Cyanide is actually in the Muslim country with an Egyptian temple there turned into a Christian church with the oldest part of the New Testament was found written in Egyptian. All three religions laying claim to that mountain and a Moses. It’s an Egyptian thing the Sumerians stayed just north of there. Musa didn’t have the Ten Commandments instead he received the Torah from god. 

The parallels continue Aaron of the Bible became Harun in the Quran. The Bible mentions king David and king Solomon the Quran only mentions two kings that they plagiarized David became Dawud and King Solomon became Sulayman you can see the  similarities right in the names just like Jesus and Horus. 

The names just keep coming Bible Levi Quran Lawi, Bible Judah Quran Yahuda, Bible Benjamin Quran Banyamin , Bible Elijah Quran Ilyas, Bible Elisha Quran Al-yasa Bible Jonah Quran Yunas all with mirroring stories. 

It’s keeps going the New Testament is the whole first part 75 percent of the Quran with those variations that they made. Really probably confused through word of mouth, bad translation the fact it’s made up bull the Muslims winged out their version of the New Testament. 

Still more evidence the Bible Zechariah become Zakariya in the Quran. John the Baptist became Yahya in the Quran. The mother Mary was called Maryam in the Quran and she gave birth to her version of Jesus called Isa, but Isa isn’t the son of god but is still a prophet. Maryam did have a virgin birth but no god got her pregnant. The Muslims messed up big on that one; it makes less sense then the bull crap god getting Mary pregnant story. 

They went that route because they didn’t want to use the Isis having sex with the dead mummy recently resurrected Osiris magic penis story to make Horus. God hitting up Mary in her sleep seemed an easier explanation to the Bible makers. Then the Muslims had to screw it all up; makes no sense Isa mom, virgin birth, no father but god wasn’t involved fairytales all the way. 

The reason that Isa had his god birth connection taken away is because Muhammad that came later got the god connection in the Quran. If you follow the tree the Muslim religion is three books that came before the Quran and Muhammad one of those books was the Torah with the many laws like the Egyptians had hundreds of laws but ten main laws that went above the rest. The other 2 books are the plagiarized New Testament parts I just skimmed over. 

Then it would seem later on the Muslims took the story time line and added characters stories and made Muhammad. That’s what the Quran is it’s the earlier three books and then the new part Muhammad added and called the entire book the Quran. At least that is what I’m gathering. 

The Muslims took away Isa god to Maryam the Isis Osiris Horus birth. Gave all that power to Muhammad and then added 4 more main characters that the Muslims have divided over and they fight over this new version that they created off of the old. Using older religion as validation for their newer god Muhammad. 

Yet the Muslims still believe someday there will be a return of Isa at the end of time just like Jesus; so yeah they messed up Isa is obviously the son of god like the Bible says the Muslims just like to complicate the already complicated lie. 

Then the Muslims decided to add upon their religion at the end. Muhammad appears with the Quran the word of Allah. Where they say the same thing as the Christian’s Bible it’s the literal word of god can’t be changed or rewritten differently or in any other language even though from what evidence we have seen here all of the religions have failed on that one. 

All these religions trying to spread the message, the laws of god, that were obviously invented by a few men probably just one con man that has played us all. People really need to drop this fantasy. It has caused so much pain and death all through history and it will only cause more in the future. 

The religion that appears with Muhammad with the Quran turns into an all Muslim new religion made up. I couldn’t see anymore similarities after that. So the last 25 percent of the Quran is new religion. I noticed the new names and see the Muslims been warring over those variations so even though their religion took a turn, changed at the same time, it stayed the same with the civil wars over variations of their religion that divided the Muslim people. The more things change the more they stay the same. 

The Muslims just like the Christians are fighting over slight variations of the rules they are to follow with in their book. The Catholic do it with Baptist,that’s Catholic light, and the Protestant more strict. The two fight each other, bad talking each other, black balling one another because one believes the other isn’t following the rules right and because they believe it is god’s rule so they literally fight and start civil wars over it,especially in the past but they are both reading the same book. The same thing with all the religions in their own way. 

The Muslims used the older New Testament religion as a blood line of proof that lead up to Muhammad. Even though the long bloodline is completely made up. The same as all the other Bible like religions having a blood line of gods to kings that lead up to the more recent leaders until democracy changed all that.

Each religion is made to keep people in a bubble and now day religious know the term and think it’s everyone else in a bubble. They can’t see that they are the ones in a bubble,they can’t see that they are a cult.

 All religions are cults any time you can make people devote every thought as in I have to do what god would want me to do, and what the book tells me to do, then you’re in a cult. If you have a book making all your decisions like what would Jesus do then you’re in a cult. If you believe you have to regularly pay in or you’ll go to fake hell or you’re trying to buy your spot in fake heaven then you’ve been long conned into a cult. 

Buddhists claim that they are not a religion just a philosophy but all the other religions say the same thing, try the same scape goat and have been proven to have taken philosophies that were around before religion. 

Buddhists say the white elephant impregnating the virgin mother was a dream then the lady gave birth to Buddha normally he had a human father. It’s a dog whistle to being godly fake religion. 

It still sounds like other religions that claim it came to them in a dream. The  Mayan sun god where people had to be killed daily for the sun to rise comes to mind. The many kings and pharaohs that made the claim ‘it came to me in a dream’.

The other problem is the picture of the Buddha temple I saw. It was all gold, the walls the pillars the roof, the statue of Buddha all of it. I saw more gold there than in any other religious temple I have ever seen. More gold than any other religion in the temple of Buddha. 

Meaning millions of donations came in for a belief of a man that isn’t around with a god like back story. I’m sorry but you are a religion and money needs to stop being donated to all religions, slash cons for money world wide. So that the money can bring people real happiness doing the things we really want to do and not chasing a money sucking fantasy. 

The definition of religion should be to believe in a con that makes you want to willingly give portions of your money for life all in a belief of some grifter’s con mans lie. 

Next holy water originated with Zeus; it was used in rituals in the temples of Zeus. I learned that from Bible Secrets, also I found out that Zeus priests would use magic tricks and deception to make it appear as if a god did it to get people to their temples. Then Bible secrets, a history channel documentary, pointed out the early Christians did the same thing. 

The Christian priests would make two fire pits filled with wood and had two pales, one pale of water and one chemical pale of clear liquid that looked like water.  When mixed with a powder laying under the wood the two would ignite into a roaring fire. So early Christian priests would gather a crowd of Zeus followers and say let’s see if your god will light this fire with water then of course it wouldn’t light. Then deceptively claim the chemical was the water from the Christian god and poured it on the powder laced wood and it would burst into flames looking like gods magic to the ignorant and then they would go to the Christian church instead of Zeus’. 

The Greeks did similar things first like put a statue in a room and had a hole to yell through from the next room over so a person coming in after drinking a lot of wine that the priest forced onto them as a ritual but really a cover lie knowing it messes up the senses. Then with only a little candle lit in the room the person could only barely see the statue to them it was a god talking and their imagination filled in the rest. 

The Greeks religion is already proven to be mythology and labeled myth. The same with the Egyptians religion known to be myth but both of those religions are mixed into all the now day religions but for some reason people can’t see now day religions are myths just the same. People can see other religions are myth but can’t point the finger at themselves. 

From a historical point of view no historians mention any of the gods or Jesus ever existing. Archeologists have no evidence of the gods, Jesus or Abraham. I saw on the news itself that Josephus forged his so called historical accounts of Jesus; his writing carbon dated to him and hand writing analysts say he forged it all.

Founding father Thomas Paine worked to keep the religious teachers out of the schools and non religious professors in colleges.

 Thomas Paine also stated outside of his books “The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun in which they put a man called Christ in place of the sun and paid him the adoration originally given to the sun.” It’s obvious Paine figured out more but didn’t write it in a book.  

Once again Paine had no idea of the Egyptians religion existence. Paine never knew Horus was once called the sun. Paine probably figured it out looking at the Greek religion; they worshipped the sun too. The sun god Helius. The Greeks put the sun on his head like Jesus has, the Egyptians put it above the head of Horus. Notice the sun gods end with US. Horus, Helius, Jesus. 

The Greek religion reflects Egyptians religion too. The two really mixed after Alexander conquered Egypt and died. Then his brother took over and made the long lasting changes. Mixing Greek and Egyptian religion even further. You can find history channel documentaries on that part, it’s known. 

The part at the top where I mention the three wise men not being in the Bible. I heard that from the history channel and from Thomas Paine. 

Even though Paine did not know of the Egyptians religion he mention he was confused where the three wise men came from. Saying the Bible does an introduction that is only used in the past to announce a general. 

Like in the movies where they announce the king before he enters the room. The history channel confirmed Thomas Paine and said the exact thing that it mentions, one general not three wiseman in the Bible. Proving the three wise men story is a word of mouth story from Egypt; carried all through history and is still ongoing now. 

In Thomas Paine Age Of Reason he mentions the Bible having a recipe to cook meat that included human feces making the Bible a joke. I know some die hard Christians were ignorant enough to follow that recipe and got what they deserved; some shit in their mouth. I know because the history channel backed up Paine unknowingly when they showed a guy that admitted to doing the feces recipe but claimed he used horse crap in place of human feces. 

So now whenever something bad happens in his life he beats himself up thinking he used the human feces in the recipe like god said. Obviously the con man put the feces in there to say “look I took all your money, raped your daughter and I bet I can get you to eat shit.” I’m sure the con men laughed it up pretty good all through history at these fools expense. 

Paine mentions all the contradictions, incoherent chapters and points out parts of the book are in the wrong place.Paine pointed out the Bible would never hold up in the court of law as the word of god all in The Age of Reason.

Paine’s story continued to his death. I learned that on Paine’s death bed according to his family that watched over him until he died. According to them priests from the church showed up trying to get Paine to proclaim to god before death and for the record Paine’s family said he refused and told them to leave. 

I’m sure Paine told them Jesus is just a parody off the worship of the sun in which they put a man called Christ in place of the sun and paid him the adoration originally paid to the sun. It didn’t matter though the lying priest went back to the church and lied claiming Paine professed to god and wrote a long bull crap poet statement crying to god as if it were Paine’s dying words. 

Then I found out that every single person in the past that got famous speaking out against the church had the same happen to them. Even more recently Hitchen had the same thing happen to him. 

The religious have all the names on line and their lie death bed statements. They do it to make it seem like all non believers commit to god at the last second so no point of resisting fake god. Another way for them to say up see Thomas Paine admitted he was wrong on the death bed we were right worship god, evil these con men are. 

I’ll bet money the con men will do the same to me after I die if this really real truth takes off. The church is obviously a bunch of con men covering their tracks as they go any way they can. The problem is people don’t seem to want to hear the truth. They keep saying they do but when they hear it they run away quick in disbelief. 

To sum it up the Sumerians started religion law where it was changed by the youth turned into civil war, where the new religion wins out and takes over. Then it spreads, changes, wars with itself and it is still repeating itself; rearing its ugly head right now today with the religious conservatives verses rational democracy. Religion trying to take back over Thomas Paine’s democracy where the people have a say. The religious want to bring back the religious authoritarian dictatorship fascist rule. 

That’s why we must fight this information war to stop the religious. We have to make them aware no matter what the cost or the religious will pull their blanket of lies over the world and suffocate it to death. We only get one Earth,the one life this is it, our one chance. We have the power to wake the religious up from their lies and make this world a better place for everyone. We already know all we have to do is pull together, help each other out and we can accomplish anything we seek out for. The time is now, the religious are pushing forward to bring the end times we need to stop them before it is too late.