The Really Real Truth 3

There is more a lot more. Like lord Ptah 3000 BC of Memphis Egypt the oldest still living city in Egypt. Lord Ptah was the first to be called Lord. He was a god that could hear all your prayers and would answer your prayers if you’re being good enough a direct characteristic later added to god and is still a main part of now day religions.

 Making it obvious the Bible combined Osiris and Lord Ptah to make god. Evidence of Ptah appears just 200 years after Osiris Horus Isis Set appeared showing Ptah was well in the mix of gods for thousands of years and was obviously a favored god always like Osiris. Probably why they were combined as god in the Bible. 

You can see all of that at after reading all of it figuring it out and sorting out the many similarities. Also on the website they point out clearly that the Bible thumpers say Amon at the end of every prayer. 

It showed the name Amon is annunciated All men the way the Religious say it most of the time. Even though since 2000  Christians started saying a man and it is catching on in the Bible Belt where ignorance is bliss but I got them on video saying it all men on YouTube etched in time. 

It would seem the change is an attempt from the priests to cover up the fact they are praying to an Egyptian god every time they say Amon. It will work if they get their sheep to all say a men after 100 years it will all be forgotten that they were using the Egyptians god name at the end of every prayer. 

Not only was Amon used for politics at the time, the story of Amon was popular among regular people in Egypt. Amon was called vizier of the poor like Jesus was later. It was said that Amon protected the weak from the strong and was an upholder of justice just like the Bible plagiarized. Those who requested favors from Amon were required to show their worthiness and to confess their sins first things the religious still do today inventions of Egyptian priests.

The priest have been changing the Bible to hide things all through history. I’m sure the books the Vatican won’t let you see will be Egyptian books scrolls same difference info on all the Egyptians religion showing where they plagiarized it over to the Bible. 

In the Bible secrets and other history channel Bible documentaries like 99 percent of each video is pro Bible but they mention the cracks in their book here and there little puzzle pieces of truth in each episode. So hours of documentaries will give you 20 minutes of truth but it says a lot lined up enough to confirm the other pieces from other places. Some day I might comb through all the documentaries and pull out the clips and make a high light reel but I have not made it that far yet. Bible secrets free on YouTube has the most info closer to 50 50 truth mixed with flirting with the Christian’s ego to keep them from getting mad at the history channel. 


The history channel ran the bible secrets special in it they pointed out how the 2 main philosophies of the time are mixed in pieces with in the Bible showing the Bible was cherry picking more than just other religions. The good sayings that are in the New Testament that Jesus says we’re around in all the other religions long before the Bible came out. 

💯Like the Sumerians the first religion made it a point to help out people to be a good Samaritan expression is used today taken from the Jewish Samaritan there was a city name close💯to that both taken from the Sumerians. 

The Old Testament that the Jewish people used is mostly plagiarized from the Sumerians. That’s why god is mean in the Old Testament but is  more forgiving like the Egyptians god in the New Testament that is mostly plagiarized from the Egyptians. 

The Bible secrets also pointed out how the original New Testament was found on the border of Egypt nearest to the land of Israel written in Egyptian. Where God Yahweh had a wife like all the gods in Egypt do. I seen where the oldest parts of the 

New Testament found were all written in Egyptian on papyrus. The reason for that is because is it would seem the border of Egypt was changing the religion that later became the New Testament. They even found the Jewish sect that coldly resembled the Christian and carried that Egyptians variation over.

The Bible even mention Yahweh wife name Kardish. Where the book told people to destroy their enemies’ statues their shrines and burn their Kardish you know the Bible telling people to destroy other people’s religion. 

Then being hypocrites by giving now day Religious terrorist group isis crap for doing the same as they did in the past. That is destroying religious relics or artifacts that is not from their own religion. Something that actually been happening since the start of civilization statues destroyed by people as soon as authorities fall. 

Which is also why archeologists can’t find images of Horus the priest around Greek time admit to erasing all Egyptian hieroglyphs they could find. Their was even a Catholic Pope that ruled over Egypt and had a big painting there. He erased more stuff and added crosses on top of the spots carved into the stone. 

The sun hanging on the cross constellation for three days then being reborn the 25. There are just stories around it found but it is obvious when you understand the sun and cross constellation and the winter summer solstice the ancients have to of written it just by mapping the movements of the sun. 

Just like the Egyptians had 365 days in a year written into their religion story learned by mapping the sun using Dec 25 the first day we gain 1 minute to the duration of day signifying the birth of the sun the start of the year as the marker to start the count of the year. 

💯There was a famous pharaoh that broke away from traditional Egyptian religion made the sun the only god the sun disc the new symbol. To make the new religion happen this 💯 pharaoh ordered all images of the Horus Amon Ra all the sun gods to be erased. A special I seen believe 70 percent of the Egyptian religion was erased from the records just what was buried for a thousand years at the time survived. 

Then the pharaoh started a whole city else where, forced the Egyptian population that way and that’s what ended most of Egypt but made king tut famous he restored the older religion but it was never the same according to the history channel. Never came back as strong from what I gathered. 

💯Evidence shows the civilians of the new sun city💯 never fully gave up the older religion. Most houses had figurines of the older gods that they still worship in private archeologists found. 

Also Bible secrets that is free on YouTube from the history channel also pointed out how in the original Old Testament eve was not Adam’s first wife. God made Adam and his first wife out of clay. She was part human the top half part snake the bottom half. She was a disobedient wife so Adam had god kick her out of Eden. 

Which the name Eden being the garden that started man was taken from the Sumerians they had it first by thousands of years. 

Then god took Adams rib and made eve his obedient wife that’s why the Bible kept babbling on about an obedient wife. It was Adam’s X wife that tricked eve into eating the apple not Satan a talking snake but Adams X wife half woman half snake. 

That entire story came from the Egyptians. They had a half snake half woman in an apple tree poring apple juice down from the tree on to a man. The ancient drawing speaks volumes. 

The fact the Bible changed it self from that earlier story to a talking snake shows how fake it is just changing its story to suit the priest as they go along. 

Also on Bible Secrets they pointed out the Bible’s brain washing was causing earlier Catholic to commit suicide to get into heaven faster. So the pope at the time had to change the Bible pointing out how fake gods word is needing to be constantly changed. That was when the pope of the time changed the Bible to if you kill yourself you’re not getting into heaven and they still say it.