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There is a lot more. For instance, Lord Ptah, from 3000 BC in Memphis, Egypt, which is the oldest still-living city in Egypt, was once the capital before it switched to Cairo. Lord Ptah was the first to be called "Lord." He was a god who could hear all prayers and would answer them if the worshiper was good enough.

This characteristic was later added to the concept of God in the Bible and remains a central part of modern religions. These traits made Lord Ptah a popular deity, even during civil wars, but he was never greater than the sun god of that time.

It is evident that the Bible combined characteristics of Osiris and Lord Ptah to create the concept of God. Evidence of Ptah appears just 200 years after Osiris, Horus, Isis, and Set, showing that Ptah was influential for thousands of years and was consistently a favored god, like Osiris. This combination might have been intentional, as people liked these characteristics.




You can see all of the Ptah and Osiris connections at After reading and understanding the complex system while distinguishing the many similarities from regular Egyptian fairy tales, the website points out that other religions use "Ammon" or "Amun" at the end of their prayers.

The name "Amun" is often pronounced "All men," although Christians have started saying "Amen" since 2000. This change might be an attempt by religious leaders to hide the fact that they are praying to an Egyptian god when saying "Ammon." After 100 years, it could be forgotten that they were using the Egyptian god's name at the end of prayers.




📍Amun was the latest of the Horus-like sun gods. Like Horus, Amun was the god of the air who could fly through the sky. Eventually, Amun became associated with the sun god Ra, becoming Amun-Ra. Amun was used for politics and was popular among the people in Egypt.

Amun was called the "vizier of the poor," similar to Jesus. It was said that Amun protected the weak, upheld justice, and required worshipers to show their worthiness and confess their sins, much like modern religious practices.




Throughout history, religious leaders have changed the Bible to hide certain information. The Vatican likely holds Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian religious texts that show connections to the Bible.

Watching history channel documentaries reveals cracks in religious texts. Although most documentaries are pro-Bible, they mention inconsistencies that can be pieced together to form a different narrative.

Someday, one might compile these documentaries' clips to create a highlight reel exposing these inconsistencies. The history channel's Bible Secrets special points out how two main philosophies of the time are mixed in the Bible, indicating the Bible's authors cherry-picked from other religions and philosophies.




📍The Sumerians were the first group of people who made it a point to help those in need, embodying the concept of the "Good Samaritan," an expression used today, which originated from the Jewish Samaritans. The name of the Jewish city, Samaria, was derived from the Sumerians and was even founded by a Sumerian descendant of the Akkadian King Sargon II.

It has been confirmed that the Akkadians, who conquered and ended the Sumerian civilization, had their language become the original language of the Jewish people. This is likely why the Old Testament, a Jewish text, is mostly plagiarized from the Sumerians.

Sargon II followed the Gilgamesh way of life, a dubious religion that drove him to fight for justice. This fight led him to commit evil acts against his own people, a trend that religion has perpetuated throughout history. Sargon II sought a new world order, like Gilgamesh, to usher in a golden age, which was essentially a repressive religious rule. This occurred in the region documented in history just before the Old Testament began in the Jewish area.

The Old Testament, used by the Jewish people, is primarily plagiarized from the Sumerian religion. This explains why God is portrayed as harsh in the Old Testament but more forgiving, like the Egyptian gods, in the New Testament, which is largely plagiarized from the Egyptians. The concept of the underworld, a cave-like place underground where the soul goes after death, as described in the Book of Sheol in the Old Testament, is also Sumerian in origin.

It seems that Alexander the Great took inspiration from Gilgamesh and Sargon for his conquests, which is why he conquered both Sumerian and Egyptian territories. He was pursuing the ancient stories of gods and immortality. It is astounding how much death and suffering have been caused by lies and the extreme acts people have committed in the name of religion, such as facing swords and arrows without fear, believing they would ascend to heaven for fighting for their gods.

Bible secrets also reveal that the original New Testament was discovered near the border of Egypt and Israel, written in Egyptian on papyrus. This could be because the border region was undergoing religious changes that eventually became the New Testament. A Jewish sect with striking similarities to Christianity and an Egyptian influence was also discovered in the area, as documented in a History Channel documentary.

In Judaism, one sin could mean eternal punishment, whereas Christianity allowed for forgiveness and a second chance if one repented. However, if a person sinned again after repenting, they would be cast out of the religion and heaven, according to their beliefs.

The Egyptians had a longstanding tradition of parading a Horus statue in a box on a boat through city streets, symbolizing Horus on his celestial boat as the sun. This tradition predates the Egyptians and originated with the Sumerians, who carried their sun god in a protective wooden box representing the god's house. This ritual was performed multiple times a year.

It appears that the Sumerian Akkadian civilization had a significant influence on Egypt. It is possible that an Akkadian prince founded Egypt or an Akkadian army conquered the area and established a civilization there. Later, the Akkadians may have been overthrown by their slaves, who became the Egyptians, and the Egyptians subsequently erased the Akkadian beginnings from their history and altered the religion. This theory is based on the evidence available, and new discoveries continue to corroborate many such theories.

Historians and archaeologists have documented enough information to paint a picture of the influence of Sargon the Great and Sargon II on religion, war tactics, city construction, and civilization as a whole, with remnants still visible today. Scholars believe that Sargon II initiated the early Jewish language and religion and established the most extensive set of laws, including the famous "eye for an eye" law, which has often been misunderstood. In reality, this law only applied if a poor man harmed a rich man; if a rich man harmed a poor man, there were no consequences, reflecting the social inequalities that persist to this day.

The word "rapture" isn't even in the Bible; it's another term concocted by con men to frighten people. Hell is a word that was added to the Bible, which didn't exist in earlier religions. They had the underworld, a place of darkness that was essentially a dark cave all the way up to the Old Testament.

The original Old Testament even mentions Yahweh's wife, Asherah. The book instructed people to destroy their enemies' statues, shrines, and burn their Asherah, a wooden figurine some carried. I seen this on Bible secrets revealed on the history channel. The Bible tells people to destroy other people's religions and their own earlier religion, just like other religions did before. This helps con men hide their old lies so they can repeat them in society. Asherah has ties to the Sumerian god Anu. Anu became Yahweh, who kept Anu's wife Asherah. Asherah was also Baal's wife, and her name was changed to Baalat. Baal is both Set and Osiris combined, just like Cronus.

Today's religious terrorist groups face criticism for doing what religious people have done throughout history: destroying religious relics or artifacts not from their religion. This has been happening since the dawn of civilization, with statues destroyed as soon as authorities fall.

Archaeologists can't find certain images of Horus because priests around the Greek era admitted to erasing Egyptian hieroglyphs they could find. A Catholic Pope ruled over Egypt and erased evidence of the Bible plagiarizing Egyptians. He added crosses on spots that resembled the Bible.

The story of the sun hanging on the cross constellation for three days and being reborn on December 25th is missing. It's evident when understanding the sun and cross constellation, but the ancients must have written about it by mapping the sun's movements. The Egyptians had a 365-day year in their religious story, learned by mapping the sun using December 25th as the marker to start the year count.

Pharaoh Akhenaten broke away from traditional Egyptian religion and made the sun the only god, with the sun disc as the new symbol. This "one god" concept occurred around 200 years before the Hebrews arrived in Egypt. Akhenaten ordered all images of Horus, Amun-Ra, and other sun gods to be erased to solidify his new religion. A documentary claimed 70% of Egyptian religion was erased, with only what was buried for millennia surviving.

Akhenaten wasn't the only one erasing history; many pharaohs, kings, and religions tried to erase other religions to prevent doubt in their new beliefs. This created a cyclical pattern of deception.

Akhenaten started a new city, Amarna, which lasted ten years. The Akkadians did the same, starting a new city and introducing new gods that lasted only 10 to 20 years. Akhenaten forced the Egyptian population to move to his new city, which weakened Egypt but made King Tut famous for restoring the older religion. Egypt never fully recovered, and the Greeks eventually buried it until archaeologists unearthed and pieced what facts they could find back together.

The Sumerian religion never ceased; it lived on in other religions, spawning new ones that killed off and buried old ones. The more things change, the more things stay the  same without people even realizing it. This 6,000-year-old deception continues today, with people unable to let go of the past despite its obvious lies.

Evidence shows that the citizens of Amarna never fully abandoned the older religion. Most houses had figurines of older gods that they still worshiped in private, as archaeologists found them under their floors.

Civilians doing that also helped combine the single god and multi-god concepts in young people's heads just 100 years before the Hebrews worked in Egypt. 

The Hebrews first worked as paid soldiers, helping the Egyptians defend their northern border. Later, after the war, the Hebrews were paid to work on temple city construction. This is proven by ancient Egyptian receipt scrolls, which tracked workers and their payments, just like we do today.

The lie that the Hebrews were slaves serves as another example of religious groups playing the victim, which con men know generates sympathy and changes minds. That's why religious people are trained to always play the victim and pretend they are high and mighty like gods. They act as though they are exceptionally good people, but in reality, they have problems like everyone else.

Bible Secrets Revealed, a free YouTube video from the History Channel, pointed out that the original Old Testament, found on the Egyptian border closest to Israel, contained a different story about Adam's first wife. God created Adam and his first wife from clay, and she was half-human, half-snake. Due to her disobedience, Adam asked God to kick her out of Eden, which was taken from the Sumerians. God then created Eve from Adam's rib as his obedient second wife, and this is why the Bible emphasizes an obedient wife. It was Adam's half-snake ex-wife who tricked Eve into eating the apple, not Satan a talking snake.

This story originated from the Egyptians, who had a half-snake, half-woman in an apple tree pouring apple juice onto a man and woman, their version of Adam and Eve. The Sumerians had a similar story in which Gilgamesh and his sister chased a snake and a demon out of a special tree in the underworld. The Egyptians adapted the Sumerian story, and the Bible changed it further.

The Bible's evolution from the original story to a talking snake illustrates its fabricated nature, with priests altering it to suit their needs, much like kings and pharaohs before them.

Bible Secrets also revealed that the Bible's brainwashing led early Catholics to commit suicide to reach heaven faster. The Pope of the time had to change the Bible to prevent this, demonstrating the mutable nature of "God's word." The Pope added that if you kill yourself, you won't enter heaven, and this statement persists today.

The Greek religion, fully formed around 750-800 BC, reflects the white man catching up with the rest of the world. Greek religion, architecture, and warfare are all obviously plagiarized from other cultures. The Greeks took and adapted various elements from their interactions with the Egyptians.

Homer started the Greek religion in 750 BC, aware of Egypt due to peaceful trade and friendly relations. Homer's version of the Greek religion differed from what the Greeks eventually adopted. Just 50 years later, a man named Hesiod came up with the Greek religion we know today. Hesiod, inspired by Homer, expanded upon Homer's ideas and made the religion more widely known. Hesiod's version of the Greek religion included heaven as an upper place where the god Uranus lived and gave birth to the Titans. The Greeks copied the Mother Earth concept passed on from the Sumerians to the Egyptians, now called Gaia.

Uranus had his children, the Titans, locked up in the Earth underground in a hot fiery lava pit. Gaia was tired of her children being locked up and had her son Cronus or Kronos (pronounced the same) chop off Uranus' penis with a sickle. I feel that story is a knock off of when Set cut off Osiris' penis. They just had to have god getting his penis chopped off in there for good ratings. They should have put their own version of that in the Bible; it could have been good. Greeks had other versions like Cronus castrated Uranus from inside his sack, another story said he bit his junk off.

Cronus chopping off God's penis caused the release of the Titans. In which case Cronus married a Titan, giving birth to gods, but Cronus ate them in fear of them taking his power and his place; especially since Cronus killed his own father. Shows the whole baby-eating thing had been in people's fears for a long time, and the religious still exploit that fear. Also, kings constantly killing their children when they get old, paranoid reading Cronus then deciding to kill their sons to hold onto power instead of just dividing the country between them.

Eventually, Gaia tricks Cronus and feeds him a rock instead of a child, sparing Zeus. Gaia hid Zeus until he was older and strong enough to defeat Cronus. It's obvious that this is the story where Isis hid baby Horus until Horus was grown and strong enough to defeat Set. So Horus became Zeus, Isis became Gaia, Set became Cronus, and Osiris became Uranus.

After Zeus defeats Cronus and cuts off his junk, spilling his seed and creating more gods, Zeus cuts open Cronus' belly and releases his brothers and sisters that Cronus had eaten.

Obviously, the story is different from the Egyptian version because it's the Greek's version after they took the Egyptian version and changed it. Like the Bible, they have parts of the gods and characteristics mixed in between the gods so much that I don't want to go over all of them.

There is more than one version of the Zeus eating the rock story, with a different female god giving the rock to Zeus. It's like this with all the religions; every story has two versions or more. Obviously, man could not keep the story straight. Men still argue over all the many variations and start civil wars over it. These men, tricked by religion, want you to believe religion is fact - the word of God - on top of all these obvious lies.

The Greeks have the rock Zeus ate on display, and it doesn't look remotely like a baby; it looks like a big cone-shaped rock. If an almighty god fell for that rock over a baby, then the gods are beyond stupid. It was a 400-pound rock the size of my chest, looking like a tank round tip; it's supposed to be a baby. Come on, people, stop falling for obvious lies.

Cronus had part Set, part Osiris. Osiris father of Horus, Cronus father of Zeus. Horus was to defeat his uncle Set; Zeus was to defeat his own father Cronus. So stories of Set and Osiris mixed into Cronus and Zeus. It gets even worse when you go up to Osiris, Uranus, and Hades, but the similarities are undeniable. Just like the Bible, God is part Osiris and part Lord Ptah. Religions combine gods, cherry-pick the parts they like that speak to their needs, then combine them some more. Then they all claim it's a new god, the only real god.

Prometheus, another character taken from the Egyptian Set, was a trickster god like Set. Prometheus tried to trick Zeus with a false sacrifice. Zeus got mad and took the knowledge of fire from man, so Prometheus re-taught fire to man.

Zeus got angry and created an evil beauty called woman for the first time and inflicted woman onto man as punishment. The name of the first woman in Greek mythology was Pandora, and that's why you're not supposed to open Pandora's box, even though in the myth it's a jar.

Pandora reflects the story of Eve, resisting the apple and the release of sin. Zeus put Pandora on Earth with man and gave her a jar, telling her not to open it. Pandora, like Eve, couldn't resist her curiosity and opened the jar, releasing all evils upon the world: sickness, disease, suffering, and pain that didn't exist before then. Pandora quickly shut the jar, trapping only hope inside, meaning hope was considered an evil, delusional thing to have.




Right there, with the 800 BC Hesiod account, women became unequal to men and were treated with hate ever since. That's why the Bible blamed Eve for bringing sin to man by eating the apple, making her the evil one. The older version, Lilith, was half-woman, half-snake, an evil, disobedient woman who tricked Eve and disobeyed Adam. The Egyptians had women more equal, about where we are at now, but women still are not entirely as equal as they should be.

All countries should appoint two leaders, one female and one male, with equal presidential powers. The same principle should apply to all judges, with a male and female working together in courthouses, judging and sentencing together. A male and female should also be work partners in every police car. These changes would compel men to behave properly at all levels, reducing corruption and the illicit activities of government officials.

Ancient men excluded women in the past because women often told them they were wrong and that their actions were evil. Instead of reflecting and changing their ways, men used religion to turn the tables and subjugate women.

In my opinion, until women are granted equality and evenly distributed across the workforce, they remain somewhat enslaved. One change in religion by one man has had lasting consequences for women ever since. Men who display hatred towards women, often openly sexist, tend to be deeply religious. Religion can contribute to their misogynistic beliefs.

I have seen a Greek figurine of a woman clutching two snakes, similar to the Sumerian underworld's female demon holding a snake in each hand. There are other similar figurines and stories, but their meaning remains unclear.




📍Zeus has a creation story similar to Horus, but it portrays him as God when he creates man out of mud, which is somewhat like clay. This discrepancy exists because humans cannot keep their lies straight. Just like sun gods all depict the sun moving through the sky, Greeks say man was created from mud, while Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Bible say clay.

The prison Tartarus, deep within the underworld, is a lava pit where the Titans were locked up. This place likely inspired the concept of hell in the Bible. The Greek religion includes paradise and purgatory in the underworld, suggesting that there is no actual heaven or hell.

The idea of heaven on Earth implies that Earth is paradise, which is somewhat accurate. It is essential for people to help each other, not steal and kill one another. Order is necessary for peaceful coexistence within cities, but religion and gods are not required to achieve this.

Zeus, the god of the skies, is similar to Horus, who was also a sky god. Horus was depicted as a falcon flying in the sky, just as the sun appears to fly across the sky from the perspective of the ancients.That’s why Zeus has the US at the end the fact they plagiarized is right in front of their faces and they can’t see it with JesUS, HorUS and ZeUS. Uranus in place of Osiris has an US at the end. Makes me wonder if Osiris should be Osirus and they got it wrong this whole time, but I'll leave that to scholars. Really, it's all made up, so it doesn't matter in the end; you aren't angering any gods.

Zeus had an animal symbol, just like Horus. Zeus was the Eagle, and Horus was the Falcon, both similar-looking birds of prey. Zeus's attributes resemble Horus's, but the thunderbolt Zeus holds looks like the unexplained object that Gilgamesh is holding in Sumerian depictions.

The image of Gilgamesh's bolt is much older than Zeus and is in my picture gallery. That's why I put it there. It appears Gilgamesh is holding a thunderbolt. Just like the image of Sumerian soldiers carrying a cross at the front of the line in battle, I only have pictures of the carving, with no explanation yet. I think the pictures say it all.

Zeus married his sister Hera, which was taken from the earlier version of Horus, where Isis, Horus, Set, Osiris, and Nephthys were all siblings. The Greeks seem to have gotten confused, but I can see the Egyptian religion's influence all over the Greek religion. Hera, queen of the gods, was angry at Zeus, her husband, for cheating on her and was involved in the story of baby Hercules killing the snakes she sent after him. Both the Sumerians and Egyptians had gods who released snakes or walked with snakes in each hand. One of the photos is in the gallery.

The sacrifice of the bull to the gods, started by the Sumerians with Gilgamesh killing the winged assassin bull sent from heaven, was carried over to the Greek god story. There is a statue that looks like the same image of Gilgamesh defeating his bull, except it was a Minotaur in the Greek story instead of a winged bull sent from heaven.

The Greeks, like the Sumerians and Egyptians, put wings on people. I have seen wings on lion bodies with human heads, like the Sphinx but with wings in the Greek religion.

Hades, ruler of the underworld, had a wife named Persephone. Hades was the god of the underworld, just like Osiris, and just like Osiris, Hades was the god of fertility. The Greek underworld had trials you had to pass, just like the Egyptian underworld.

Dionysus, Born on Dec 25 the god of wine and revelry, had half-goat men that looked like demons called satyrs. There was a part of the Egyptian religion where they had goat men and the main god with a goat head. There are even some statues of Zeus with a goat's head. The Bible makes the point that goats are bad and sheep are good, perhaps stemming from the Greek depiction of goats. The oldest version of Sumerian Satan recently dug up shows images of Zu with a goats head and horns with a horses tail standing up right like a man. Image is in the gallery. 

The Greeks believed in the soul, a concept started by the Sumerians and carried on through all religions. In the Greek religion, only those who could pay the boatman could enter the underworld. So, if you were poor, you were not allowed to enter the underworld and were stuck in purgatory, the waiting place, wandering the shores of the sticks forever.

The Greeks even had a female god of justice named Dike, who held the scales of justice. She later became an Olympian god. She wore a blindfold to signify that justice is blind, and her statue was placed in front of courthouses, just like we do today – all started by the Sumerians.

The Greeks changed the scales of justice in heaven to the three judges of justice that stayed in the underworld and decided which part of the underworld your soul would go to. This concept was similar to the seven judges of justice the Sumerians had.

The Greek judges could send you to Elysium, a paradise within the underworld with unlimited food, drink, parties, and mansions. The Fields of Asphodel were another option, where common people who never accomplished anything notable, neither good nor bad, would go. Tartarus was the bad part of the underworld where the evil, wicked men, demigods, criminals, and anyone who upset the gods resided. There, the Titans were kept in a volcanic lava prison, which may have influenced the concept of Hell in the Bible.

Then there was the sun god Apollo, who took the place of the sun like Ra but had sun rays around his head like Jesus. This likeness makes Jesus a mix of Horus, Amun, and Apollo, just as the Bible's God is a mix of Osiris, Lord Ptah, Uranus, with parts of Ra and Atum. The puzzle pieces keep fitting together, painting a picture of plagiarism.

The god Apollo was the bringer of plagues, something the Bible's God also did. The Sumerian god inflicted plague-like sickness upon other gods, and the queen of the Sumerian underworld killed two gods with sickness.

Parts of the Greek god Hermes were plagiarized from Anubis. Both were guides for the souls of the dead, helping them find the underworld in both accounts.

Historians admit Greek religion changed as it came in contact with other civilizations. The Christian religion changed when it went from Latin to English. It's supposed to be the word of God, perfect and unchanging, but evidence shows religion constantly changes the words because they know there are no gods.

The Greeks had a different flood story, but they did have a great flood brought on by Zeus because the Bronze Age men were wild and unruly, so Zeus drowned them. This reflects the Sumerian version where the gods made humans as slaves, but humans grew too numerous and unruly, so Enlil drowned them. In this story, Enlil became Zeus, and Enki tried to stop Enlil.

The Greeks had the Great Flood called the "Deucalion Flood." In this myth, Zeus floods the earth to wipe out humanity, but the couple Deucalion and Pyrrha survive by following the instructions of the Titan Prometheus to build an ark and repopulate the earth. The story of gods wiping out humanity with a great flood because they are unruly is a similarity passed on from the Sumerians to the Greeks and then to the Bible.

In the Greek version, after the flood wiped out the men of Bronze, the souls of the Bronze Age humans were locked in the dank house of Hades in the underworld to be kept away from other parts of the underworld and from returning to the surface.

Even though the Bronze Age humans were locked up, two Bronze Age humans, one male and one female, managed to avoid being locked in Hades. According to Greek religion, these two survivors repopulated the human race and later became like Noah and his wife after the flood in the Bible. After the flood, the new humans started the Iron Age.

The Hesiod version of the Greek story continues to say that the people of the Iron Age will still be unruly, and someday, when they become too bad again and forget the gods, Zeus will wipe out the wicked of Earth and start over again with the good people.

This is a reflection of the end-time story without the final battle between Horus and Set. The evil humans die, and the good, faithful followers of Osiris come back from the dead to create paradise on Earth forever. The Greeks changed it to Zeus killing all the bad, sparing the good, and restarting to create paradise forever on Earth.

The Greeks had witches who could see the future, which first appeared in Sumerian religion and later in the Old Testament. The story of the witches sharing the same eye to see is a Greek myth.




The Greeks took their architecture from the Egyptians. Evidence is the Greek columns, the same design as the Egyptians that date before. Also, Egyptians had temples and trade in Greece 1,000 years before it was even called Greece. Greeks started 400 years after Egypt's climax in 1,200 BC. Egypt's greatness keeps growing as archaeologists dig. There is evidence that Egypt made it to South America and started the Mayans all for cocain, but this is still kept quiet because the religious try to downplay the drug parts while over-exaggerating the blood, gore, and torture parts. Only those with their ears to the ground pick up on these puzzle pieces.




📍In the Greek religion, you had to cross a river after death to get to heaven or paradise. The same applies to the Egyptians and Sumerians' underworld, where you had to cross multiple rivers and gates. The Greeks had the Happy Fields in their paradise, which you reached after crossing a river dividing the dark, cold shores of the sticks, a waiting area or purgatory-like state. Then came the evil section where all the bad, evil souls were trapped, and another river, which, if you were pure, allowed you to reach paradise with all the food, drink, and parties you could ever want.




In some ways, that reflects real life. When you're young, you're in the cold cave waiting period, shielded by your parents. Then, when you become an adult, you're released into the world of evil and choice. If pure, you'll find a partner, have children, get a job, and have paradise with food, drink, and parties. If you're evil, you'll be shunned, rejected, with no partner or kids, experiencing a life of pain and anguish. The more you push away good common sense, the worse things get. It has nothing to do with religion; it's just the way social structure is. The ancients realized it and exploited it. Con men added it to their religion, obviously looking at it repeatedly, as this is what people wanted.

Greeks did start cremation, a change to religion done out of convenience. It's easier and more sanitary, but it killed the soul, according to the Egyptians. Christians believed this as well. There is proof they would dig up priests and burn them if they found out they sinned after they died to remove their souls from heaven.

Such is the case of the first priest who translated the Latin Bible to English in his notes but never showed anyone. Translating the Latin Bible to English was forbidden. Another priest found his notes after his death, exhumed his body, and burned it to remove his soul from heaven.




📍There are elements of the Greek language that match Egypt's language, just as the Akkadian language matches the original Jewish language. The Egyptians came to a complete end around 500 BC and were completely buried by the religious and forgotten by the time of Thomas Paine. So the Greeks, their religion, and building techniques were all there, dealing with Egypt for 300 years after the Greek religion started.

There were a thousand years of Egyptian influence in Greece before the Greeks even started. It's obvious the Greeks plagiarized the Egyptians. The same applies to the area where the Bible started. That area had Sumerian and Egyptian religions all around it for thousands of years, and the Bible is obviously just a continuation of the religion as it continues today into Islam and the wealthiest religion, the Mormons. The Mormons rehashed the same old Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Christian religions into their own.

It's evident the Romans took the Greek gods and changed all their names. For example, Zeus became Jupiter, Hera became Juno, Demeter became Ceres, Cronus or Kronos became Saturn, Uranus became Caelus, and many more you've heard of because the planets are named after the Roman plagiarized Greek gods.

People will openly say it's obvious it is the Greek-Roman religion, but they can't point that finger at themselves when it comes to their own religion and it’s the Sumerian-Egyptian-Christian religion. 

The Quran changed all the Bible names like the Romans did to the Greeks, but no one is saying it. It's common knowledge, like the Greek-Roman religion. Yet everyone tries to make it sound like Muslims are a new religion the more dangerous then the others , but in reality it’s Christian propaganda , the religions are all the same. They are all just as dangerous, and all of it is childish nonsense that needs to be forgotten forever.

Here is another useful charts series video about the Greek gods.