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The Egyptian religion was still more advanced and a lot more of it compared to the Sumerians because the Egyptians had way more time and bigger cities to change the religion. 

It all started with the first Egyptian god Atum the sun god, the main god riding a boat through the sky like the Sumerians sun god before except he rode a 4 wheeled chariot called a war wagon. The early first stage of Horus was different then all later stories of Horus. In the original story Horus’ mom was a cow her name Hathor. Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set were all brother and sisters. Set that later became Satan at this point in time was a good guy that helped his brother Horus fight off the evil darkness riding together on the boat as the sun that moves through the sky. 

Atum the sun in the sky later became Ra then Amun and at some points Horus. Horus’ mom Hathor was changed to Isis through a brother sister relationship between Osiris and Isis that gave birth to Horus. At the time Hathor was changed to Isis was the same time Set the good brother was changed to being the bad guy warring with Horus. What made the change was CIVIL WAR once again over a dispute over differences within the religion. 

According to Archeological records what they discovered was Northern Egypt which was called Lower Egypt and Southern Egypt that was called at the time Upper Egypt wrap your mind around that. The flow of the Nile from south to north is what caused the Upper and Lower Egypt name. 

Lower Egypt started saying Set was the bad guy and Isis was Horus’ mother and Ra was the sun. Then Upper Egypt said no the old records say Atum is the sun set is good and Horus’ mom is Hathor. Not being able to see eye to eye over their both made up versions of fantasies the civil war happened. 

During the war Lower Egypt won, then they dug the most ancient kings of Egypt remains up. The priest took the gold relics and melted them into coins. The soldiers destroyed the graves burned it all, another trend of religion. New religion always trying to erase the old religion they succeeded at the time but they failed across the board; archeologists found it all buried else where. That’s why the religious have been trying to stop archeologists from digging this whole time because they are digging up the truth changing the history books back to reality. 

Over 2000 years each pharaoh changed the religion to fit their home town beliefs pushed by the local priest making the Egyptian religion ten times longer than the Bible and is how it is so easy to hide the truth. The Pope in the past point only to the parts that don’t match the Bible when trying to disprove the Egyptians parallel. That has to of been a problem for the now day religions. 

I’ve seen a living time line of land control, who ruled where, in color marked easy to see where the original older religions meet now day religions but historians, history channel won’t make a special pointing it out but show it in pieces unintentionally. 

In the time line I could see the Sumerians and Egyptians ruled the very spot where the Jesus story and Bible come to be for 2000 years before the Bible came to be. One or the other ruled that area,it switch rule between the Sumerians and Egyptians several times over 2000 years creating the obvious Bible lie we see today. The Old Testament early Jewish language is part Sumerian. 

The real truth is Egypt is where most of the Bible comes from Horus became Jesus, Isis became the mother Mary, Set became Satan and Osiris mixed with Lord Ptah became God. 

The Egyptians also like the Sumerians said man was made out clay 3200 BC by mouth not written once again a painting of Osiris Horus and Isis carbon dated to 3200 BC showed the story was there. Also means the religion was in Egypt before any known construction or hieroglyphs took place. 

Later it was written all over carved in stone saying man was made by the gods out of clay on a pottery wheel. Just like the Sumerians said humans were made out of clay to be servants for the gods. The twist the Egyptians gave was they believed the gods were still molding the clay in your sleep for life their explanation for getting fat, stronger older looking. Made you feel special like the gods visit you every night in your sleep. 

The Egyptians like the Sumerians brought incents to statues said the gods lived in statues. Had many statue figurines that the gods were living in. They carried on basically the Sumerians religion with their own spin on it, new set of gods but same concept and they kept on adding with each new pharaoh. 

The Egyptians were the first to have the Ten Commandments and really 100 more commandments but 10 main ones were presented to follow. Mises was the one that brought the Ten Commandments down Mount Cyanid that is near Egypt.

The Egyptians had purgatory like the Sumerians. After you died you went to a waiting place called the underworld a dark cave like area where you had to say the Ten Commandments over and over if you messed up a mystical creature would kill your soul. So you had to repeat the Ten Commandments except it went I did not steal , I did not kill and so on. It was later changed to thou shall not steal and so forth. 

If pure you'll find Thoth. Thoth holds the ladder from the underworld and up to Heaven. I saw this on a painting on a wall showed on the history channel no text but the painting said it all. The painting was shown on ancient aliens of all places, like I said the show did more to prove religion is a plagiarized lie than they did aliens in the past. 

The painting clearly showed Thoth at the bottom of the ladder waiting for you. Also showed Thoth waiting for you at top of the ladder. Then it showed Thoth at the gates of heaven with the scales of justice with Thoth judging you. All in one wonderfully laid out painting. I paused it and stared at it for over 20 minutes something I do with all my documentaries I watch. Takes me three hours to watch a hour documentary. Pausing studying images and rewinding relistening to every parallel I find between religions to make sure I heard it right. 

Thoth judging you at the gates of heaven Aaru that part is common knowledge in Egypt still today. The Egyptian golden gates are the four golden arch ways you walk through. The Bible got the metal bar golden gates of heaven from the Sumerian's under world, which was closed by a golden bar type gate. After looking into it more the golden gate didn’t happen till later the Bible says pearl gates made from oysters the size of a mansion talk about fairytales. 

In some now days books and by mouth many of the religious are calling them the golden gates of heaven like the Egyptians and Sumerians did in the past. Their book will say one thing but they will pass a different story by mouth. The same with the three wise men example at the start of this site it’s something people have just done all through history ignorance of their own made up story.Also they say the gates of hell which they had gates to the Sumerians underworld realm place. The three wise men the Cain and Able having twin sisters golden gates left out of the Bible passed by mouth. 

 Once at the gates of heaven Thoth judged you with the scales of justice. The term scales of justice is still used today by governments plagiarized from Egypt. The Egyptians believed your soul lives in your heart and that’s why your heart had to be weighed for sin. The Egyptians scale at the gates had your heart on one side weighed down with sin. On the other side an ostrich’s feather meaning you must be perfectly good or you’re not getting into heaven Aaru. 

Unless they were rich of course then they could buy little figurine statues that the gods lived in wink wink to make their heart lighter at judgement time wink wink. To make up for their wrong doing but really it was just a way for the priest to make more money off of the rich peoples’ guilt. 

Once in heaven you got your own plot of land, your field of reeds where you live with your family in the after life forever. Egyptians all believed this 2,700 years before the Bible was even written. They all wasted their life away just to die believing that lie the biggest lie ever called religion. 

Once again heaven is just the priest telling you what you want to hear it sounds great to live with your loved ones forever and the lie can ease your pain as they die but it is still just a lie. 

The difference between the Sumerians and Egyptians heaven is the Sumerians say humans can only be reincarnated, only the gods were up in the heavens. The Egyptians made it so humans can go to heaven and walk with the gods well they changed it to angels. 

Con men get you by dangling something you want in front of you knowing you’ll ignore the bad things the church does in order to get what you want like living with loved ones in a made up heaven. When in fact condoning the churches lies and mishaps is what turns your character dark. Makes it so you fall for other lies and allow con men to walk all over you,rip you off and you’ll find a way to justify their wrong doing as if it were gods will for you to unwillingly help. 

Religion is evil it blinds you so you can’t see the truth and it is done by design. Religion literally rapes children,lies to you, takes your money and tricks you into wasting your life away by giving your money that should go to your joy instead it is given to the church. The priests are living the good life while you bottle up all your fun waiting for the after life, the fake heaven that isn’t there. Like I said evil religion is. 

The documentary I watched on the Sumerians pointed out politics and money systems were around right when religion appeared and the three have been combined ever since then. 

That’s why I’ve learned to understand politics so that I can understand religion better. Like both priests and politicians tell people what they want to hear and listen to people’s problems so that they can adapt their con and then tell them what they want to hear some more. 

They lie and say they are going to fix your problems for more money power and then do nothing to help; this is an evil circle. So when a priest or politician asks how may I help you, really what they are saying is how can they advance their lie and then guilt trip more money out of you. 

That’s why Paine started democracy to cut off this ancient rule of religion kings and pharaohs. To give the power of laws to the people, but the religious under the banner of conservatism, have twisted the worlds government’s taking away peoples rights and that’s why religion must be stopped to save democracy because religion is anti democratic. The old ways are the strong man,the dictator way, the old way of kings and Pharoahs. Democracy stands for no masters no gods.  

The Egyptians were the first to believe in the end time story the final battle of good versus evil. The Egyptians unlike the Bible mention the earlier battles that Horus the light always won against Set the dark. Really it’s night and day; literally they believed Horus won every morning and lit the sky just to have set rise in the night where the battle took place all night. They believed rain storms in the day was Ra eaten by a snake the clouds being the snake’s body working its way across the sky. Child like minds they had but people believed it as if it were truth,fact like the religious still do today. 

Set later became Baal then Seth in Greek time then eventually Satan.  Set was known in Egyptians time as the prince of darkness as in sun set night time darkness. Also known as the Barron desert, never to have kids and that’s why it’s such a big deal about Satan never having kids always trying to give birth to one. 

Set in one battle took the form of a red hippo so large it straddled the Nile river. That is why Satan has the red skin and even a hippo head in the earliest bible pictures of Satan. Satan got the Horns and hooves  from Enkidu Gilgamesh’s enemy that became his friend that had the hooves and horns it’s in the picture gallery.  

Horus, the son of Ra, the sun but also meant to become the sun in Ra’s place when Ra retires it's complicated as lies always are, Horus took the form of a giant man, the most beautiful man ever seen,their words not mine glowing all gold with a giant golden spear. Horus throws the spear at Set and hits Set between the eyes causing set to die and lose once again. 

Later Horus human form grows bored with man, dies of natural causes and goes to heaven but can't get in blocked by Set that is waiting at the gates of heaven and wants in too but can’t get in until Horus and Set settle who should rule in Ra’s place as the sun riding the boat. 

So the Egyptians believed that Horus and Set still contend for souls today gathering enough souls for the final battle of good verses evil. Where Horus is projected to defeat Set like Horus always has stopping all evil for all of time. 

Then Osiris will rise from the underworld bringing heaven on Earth. Bringing all of Osiris’s faithful followers back to life back from the dead from the underworld to live with their loved ones on Earth happily ever after forever. Just what they all wanted to hear what we all want to hear but it is not the truth just con men selling us on false hopes and lies. 

The con men telling people this life is the test before the after life is the lie to get you to put up with all the crappy things that happen in life but we are evolved apes. We’re actually very very lucky statistically to have everything that we do have going for us. Con man that sees any angle to make a free living will jump right in there grab the minds of the religious and continue with the ancient lies for money and power. 

 Its obvious heaven was plagiarized from the Egyptians religion. The Egyptians all died waiting for the end time. They all thought it would happen in their life time. They all thought Horus would want to come back and meet them personally in their life time. This is what I gathered watching documentaries on Egyptians religion and ancient culture they admit all kinds of things here and there just no one has gathered all the pieces together until now. 

Egypt had magic spells and hymns just like the Sumerians. The Egyptians all seeing eye is supposed to be the eye of the falcon of Horus. To the Egyptians the eye combined the power Horus the magic of Isis and the wisdom of Thoth 

The website gives the name of the archeologist and tells you where to get the book that shows these stories on coffins, walls and written on papyrus. When all the stories are gathered the Egyptians have ten times more written religious history and stories that the makers of the Bible had to cherry pick from. 

The religious temples had all the gold and religious books. So both were sacked during war and brought back to the victors country. Another way religion got spread and molded together with other religions. That’s how the Greeks got their religion. They got tricked by the religious books mixed in with their stolen goods. 

I found another similarity in the Bible that parallel the Egyptians. The Cain and Able story the older version in the Bible where Cain and Able each had twin sisters. Cain thought Ables sister was better looking and ended up killing Able to get his sister. 

Then I noticed a parallel with Osiris Set two brothers born the same time as their two twin sisters Isis and Nepthy making them all twins. Isis and Osiris were together Set and Nepthy were together. Osiris and Set ended up fighting because Osiris slept with Nepthy got her pregnant and Set killed Osiris just like Cain killed Able. Both stories had the four siblings brothers and sisters where the one brother killed the other brother. Each brother had a designated sister.

So the Cain and Able story was plagiarized from the Egyptians. The Muslim Quran also took the story of the 4 siblings born at the time. 2 brothers 2 sisters 2 sisters. This story has carried on even before the Egyptians. 

The Sumerians story of Enlil getting tricked by his sister Ninlil and she got pregnant and gave birth to NInurta matches up with the story of Osiris getting trick by his sister Nepthy giving birth to Anubis. That makes the other 2 children of Anu Enki becomes Set and Ninsun becomes Isis in the Egyptian religion. 

So the 4 siblings 2 brothers 2 sisters all twins being born from god Anu was started by the Sumerians. Their stories passed on to Egypt Where Ra had the 4 children. Enlil became Osiris proven by both started out as gods got killed and ended up ruler in the underworld later on in the story. 

Ninlil later became Nepthy both trick Osiris Enlil to get pregnant to give birth. Ninurta god of the underworld just like Anubis both born from related twin sibling parents. Enki was known to be a trickster god just like Set was. Ninsun is in place of Isis but instead of giving birth to a character like Horus and Jesus Ninsun gave birth to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is more like a Hercules character. I’m pretty sure that is where they got some of the characteristics of Hercules from. 

They say the stories of the Sumerians are lost but it would seem they were never lost they were just carried on changed to what we see in the Bible today. If you look through every Egyptian story I’m sure most of it came from the Sumerians. 

I’m willing to bet the Sumerians had the end time story first too, now that I see how much the Egyptians have mimicked the Sumerians but no evidence yet. The government in Iraq where the evidence is at won’t let archaeologists into the areas. 

So far I’m am the only one that has attempted to explain this god to 4 twin siblings to 2 of them giving birth connection. Along with the twin brother one killing the other and the one that died being alive and ruler of the underworld. I haven’t seen any other video website mention this parody. Even I didn’t see it for a while until it eventually clicked. Right in front of our faces  this whole time close to the beginning of all the religions. Just so much to take in that everyone missed it. I hope you enjoy some real information that most have never seen. 

Horus also hung on the cross had the three day death and was resurrected. Horus was always with the 12 disciples for he was the sun in the sky. What many don’t know is right in front of them every year. Every year as we move towards winter the plants die, the days grow shorter, it gets cold marking to the ancients the sun Horus was dying. 

Dec 21 as many know is the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. The day the sun dies and we lose one minute the final minute that day but what most don’t know is the following three days Dec 22, 23 and 24 to ancient man’s naked eye we do not lose or gain any time on those days. Signifying the three day death of the sun in the sky. 

Also, every day on those three mornings when the sun rises it is with in the vicinity of the cross constellation. Still called the crux constellation looks like a cross and it signified to the ancients as the three day death of the sun in the sky on the cross constellation. Where Horus the sun hung on the cross constellation for three days. 

Then on Dec 25 we gain one minute to that day. Signifying to the ancients the birth of the sun in sky later Horus even later Jesus. The Druids noticed the sun movements too. The Druids celebrated every year from the 21st to the 25th. The druids and mason builders learned all they knew from the Egyptians.

 I’ve seen the mason builders hold a ritual for Horus on the history channel admitting to me that they know they stole their religion and building techniques from the Egyptians.  I can see Egyptian technics in the mason builders buildings. 

The Egyptians didn’t celebrate the three day death until the equinox because to them the sun was born dec 25 but didn’t gain the strength to fight off the cold of winter until the equinox. Egyptians even brought in a Palm tree fern and put it up like we do the tree on December 25th and is likely where the tradition reappeared from word of mouth like the three wise men story. 

Even though the sun is born the 25th it is not strong enough to fight off night and warm up the earth. Until the duration of day becomes one minute longer than the duration of night marking the equinox and should be the day Easter is celebrated on but the church has messed up that part of the message. With all the popes making so many changes over the years just like the Egyptians did it’s surprising the message stayed this straight.

So you see Horus Jesus never existed just over exaggerated glorified stories about the sun in the sky that got carried away. The 12 Disciples are nothing more than the 12 constellations that is why they always travelled with Horus the sun. 

That part of the story only exists by mouth so far but it fits, and pieces of the story of Horus exists that fits. The reason the full story can’t be found once again is the Egyptians destroying their own records. They were obsessed with being the sun god and would erase evidence of earlier gods being the sun because they wanted all the sun god attention. 

Then the Greeks came and erased more. The Catholics went through Egypt and erased more evidence because they noticed it reflected the Bible stories. 

I’m sure all of that is inscribed some where waiting to be found. Like the three wise men story survived the period when the Egyptian religion was completely lost and it wasn’t written in the Bible but here it is. I’m sure if I were allowed to go through the Vatican library I would find all the Egyptian similarity evidence that I needed. 

The Sumerians are seen carrying a cross into battle in the oldest known depiction of battle ever found done by the Sumerians. Showing the first Sumerian king a giant leading his soldiers in battle crushing the bones of their enemies below their feet. In it I see a cross plainly at the front of the soldiers but no one ever mentions it the evidence just sits there no background story. The photo is in the gallery be one of the first to witness the Sumerians were carrying a cross they were watching the stars also in the photos and they were in the right location to see the sun rise on the cross constellation. So that means they seen the sun rise on the cross constellation too. 

The fact is all of that is etched in the stars and I have confirmed the sun rising near the vicinity of the cross constellation with my star map on the morning of the 22, 23, 24 multiple times over a few years. It’s a foot apart now just below the horizon but in ancient times the sun was right on the crux constellation. You can’t see it now the Earth has tilted enough to hide it unless you have a StarMap app you can see right through the planet I can see the Star constellations all the way around the Earth day or night something the ancients would of died for but no one gives a crap about it now. 

I saw the ancient Egyptians marking the event on an Egyptian documentary on the history channel to confirm it. It mentioned that they could see the cross constellation in their time in the morning as the sun rose. While waiting for the sun, their god to rise the cross in the sky was the most recognizable constellation. 

Then to have the sun their god rise right on it they had to have found that to be very meaningful. Well obviously they did the three day death then the day after December 25th the rebirth of the god the sun in the sky. That was the same documentary that said the Egyptians brought in a Palm fern into there house and put it up like we do the pine tree now days.