The Really Real Truth 2

The Egyptians also believed in the end time story the final battle of good versus evil. The Egyptians unlike the Bible mention the earlier battles that Horus the light always won against Set. Really it’s night and day and they believed Horus won every morning and lit the sky just to have set rise in the night where the battle took place. They believed rain storms in the day was Horus eaten by a snake the clouds being the snake body working its way across the sky. 

Set known as the prince of darkness as in sun set night time darkness. Also known as the Barron desert never to have kids that’s why it’s such a big deal about Satan never having kids always trying to give birth to one. 

Set in one battle took the form of a red hippo so large it straddles the Nile river. That is why Satan has the red skin and even a hippo head in the earliest bible pictures of Satan. 

Horus the son of Ra the sun but also meant to become the sun in Ra’s place when Ra retires it's complicated as lies always are, Horus took the form of a giant man the most beautiful man ever seen their words not mine glowing all gold with a giant golden spear Horus throws it at Set hits Set between the eyes and set loses again. 

Later Horus human form grows bored with man dies of natural causes and goes to heaven but can't get in blocked by set that wants in too but can’t until Horus and Set settle who should rule in Ra’s place as the sun.

 So the Egyptians believed that Horus and Set still contend for souls today gathering enough souls for the final battle of good verses evil. Where Horus is projected to defeat Set like Horus always has stopping all evil for all of time. Then Osiris will rise from the underworld bringing heaven on Earth. Bringing all of Osiris’s faithful followers back to life back from the dead to live with their loved ones happily ever after forever. Just what they all wanted to hear what we all want to hear but it is not the truth just selling us on false hopes and lies. 

 Its obvious heaven was plagiarized from the Egyptians religion. The Egyptians all died waiting for the end time. They all thought it would happen in their life time. They all thought Horus would want to come back and meet them personally in their life time. This is what I gathered watching documentaries on Egyptians religion and ancient culture they admit all kinds of things here and there just no one has gathered all the pieces together until now. 

The website gives the name of the archeologist and tell you where to get the book that shows these stories on coffins, walls and written on papyrus. When all the stories are gathered the Egyptians have a ten times larger written religious history and stories that the makers of the Bible had to cherry pick from. 

 Horus also hung on the cross had the three day death and was resurrected. Horus was always with the 12 disciples for he was the sun in the sky. What many don’t know is right in front of them every year. Every year as we move towards winter the plants die the days grow shorter it gets cold marking to the ancients the sun Horus was dying. Dec 21 as many know is the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. The day the sun dies and we lose one minute that day but what most don’t know is the following three days Dec 22, 23 and 24 to ancient man’s naked eye we do not lose or gain any time on those days. Signifying the three day death of the sun in the sky. 

Also every morning on those three mornings when the sun rises it is near the cross constellation. Still called the crux constellation looks like a cross and it signified to the ancients as the three day death of the sun. Where Horus the sun hung on the cross constellation for three days. 

Then on Dec 25 we gain one minute to that day. Signifying the birth of the sun in sky later Horus even later Jesus. The Druids noticed the sun movements too. The druids celebrated every year from the 21st to the 25th. The druids and mason builders learned all they knew from the Egyptians.

 I’ve seen the mason builders hold a ritual for Horus on the history channel admitting to me that they know they stole their religion and building techniques from the Egyptians.  I can see Egyptian technics in the mason builders buildings. 

The Egyptians didn’t celebrate the three day death until the equinox because to them the sun was born dec 25. Egyptians even brought in a Palm tree fern and put it up like we do the tree on December 25th. 

Even though the sun is born the 25th it is not strong enough to fight off night and warm up the earth. Until the duration of day becomes one minute longer than the duration of night marking the equinox and should be the day Easter is celebrated but the church have messed up that part of the message. With all the popes making so many changes over the years just like the Egyptians did it’s surprising the message stayed this straight.

So you see Horus Jesus never existed just stories about the sun in the sky that got carried away. The 12 Disciples are nothing more than the 12 constellations that is why they always travelled with Horus the sun.