The Really Real Truth

Even though what I have above is enough to prove religion is a lie that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Now I’m going to go over the info again from the above part but with added facts I found. There are tons of side notes me repeating myself at first but I head in a different direction at the end. 

Through out this website what I say may sound mean but I don’t mean for it to be. I know the religious are nice people that have been lied to since birth. My frustrations are towards the men that figured out religion was a con and used religion to take peoples money, minds and lives. They are the bad guys here that have tainted the world through out history with their lies. 

I am Sorry for the confusion I tried my best to make it easily understandable but religion is the largest train wreck of lies ever. I estimate 200,000 lies on the low end but with all the religions combined it could easily  be 500,000 lies. With 6,000 years of just twisting the lies to adapt to maximize control and money that came with religion it  is part of the control. Religion was meant to not make sense so the con men can keep you confused malleable to their new lie of the week for more money. 

To understand religion you need to understand the earlier religions. Looking back into the Sumerians and Egyptians explains most of it. The rest of what went wrong with religion is natural human errors.

The Sumerians located where Iraq is now, started their religion 4,000 BC . The Sumerians were the first to speak of gods, angels from the sky, the sun being the main god. They were the first to come up with a creation story. They even had the Garden Of Eden located where the 2 rivers meet.

The Sumerians were the first to say man was made out of clay. The first man was part god part human like Hercules but named Gilgamesh and lived to be 900 years old. The Sumerians were the first to have the arc story with the great flood. Their story even put 2 of each animal on the ark. Gave dimensions of the boat. After the flood there was even the release and return of a dove. The story of Moses being floated down a river in a reef basket later to be picked up and raised by Egypts royalty was a Sumerian story first.

The Sumerian reign as the first and only written religion lasted 800 years where just out of their reach arose Egypts religion. My theory is it was one of many Sumerian princes that took his daddies riches and instead of fighting for power at home he started a kingdom of his own in Egypt. I think that because of the many similarities in religion and construction. 

Egyptians religion was still more advanced a lot more of it. It all started with the first Egyptian god Autumn the sun god and the early stage of Horus where his original mom was a cow Hathor and Horus Isis Osiris Set were all brother sisters. Autumn the sun in the sky later became Ra then Amon and at some points Horus and Horus mom was changed to Isis with a brother sister relationship to give birth to Horus. 

Over 2000 years each pharaoh changed the religion to fit their home town beliefs pushed by the local priest making the Egyptian religion 15 times longer than the Bible and is how it is so easy to hide the truth. The Pope in the past point only to the parts that don’t match the Bible when trying to disprove the Egyptians parallel that has had to of been a problem for the now day religions and I’ve seen a living time line where the original older religions meet now day religions but historians history channel won’t make a special pointing it out but show it in pieces unintentionally. 

The real truth is Egypt is where most of the Bible comes from Horus became Jesus, Isis became the mother Mary, Set became Satan and Osiris mixed with Lord Ptah became God. The Egyptians also said man was made out clay 3200 BC by mouth not written once again a painting of Osiris Horus and Isis carbon dated to 3200 bc showed the story was there.

Later it was written all over carved in stone saying man was made out of clay on a pottery wheel.The Egyptians were the first to have the Ten Commandments and really 100 more but 10 main ones were presented. Mises was the one that brought the Ten Commandments down Mount Cyanid that is near Egypt.

The Egyptians had purgatory first. After you died you went to a waiting place called the underworld where you had to say the Ten Commandments over and over. Except it went I did not steal , I did not kill and so on. It was later changed to thou shall not steal and so forth. 

If pure you'll find Thoth. Thoth holds the ladder from the underworld and up to Heaven this I seen in painting on a wall showed on the history channel no text but the painting said it all. Clearly showed Thoth at the bottom of the ladder waiting for you. Also showed Thoth waiting for you at top of the ladder. Thoth judges you when you get up to the gates of heaven that part is common knowledge in Egypt still today.

 The Egyptian golden gates are the four golden arch ways you walk through. The Bible got the metal bar golden gates of heaven from the Sumerian's under world, which was closed by a golden bar type gate. After looking into it more the golden gate didn’t happen till later the Bible says pearl gates made from oysters the size of a mansion talk about fairytales. 

In some now days books and by mouth many of the religious are calling them the golden gates of heaven like the Egyptians and Sumerians did in the past. Their book will say one thing but they will pass a different story by mouth. The same with the three wise men example at the start of this site it’s something people have just done all through history ignorance of their own made up story. Also they say the gates of hell which they had gates to the Sumerians underworld realm place. 

 Once at the gates of heaven Thoth judged you with the scales of justice. The term scales of justice is still used today by governments plagiarized from Egypt. The Egyptians scale at the gates had your heart on one side weighed down with sin the other side had a ostrich’s feather meaning you must be perfectly good or you’re not getting into heaven.

Unless they were rich then they could buy little figurine statues to make their heart lighter at judgement time. To make up for their wrong doing but really it was just a way for the priest to make more money off of the rich peoples’ guilt. Once in heaven you got your own plot of land your field of reeves where you live with your family in the after life forever. Egyptians all believed this 2,700 years before the Bible was even written. They all wasted their life away just to die believing that lie the biggest lie ever called religion. 

Once again heaven is just the priest telling you what you want to hear it sounds great to live with your loved ones forever and the lie can ease your pain as they die but it is still just a lie. 

Con men get you by dangling something you want in front of you knowing you’ll ignore the bad things the church does in order to get what you want like living with loved ones in a made up heaven. When in fact condoning the churches lies and mishaps is what turns your character dark. Makes it so you fall for other lies and allow con men to walk all over you rip you off and you find a way to justify their wrong doing as if it was gods will for you to unwillingly help. 

Religion is evil and no one can see it. Religion literally rapes children lies to you takes your money and tricks you into wasting your life by giving your money for joy to the church and bottle up all your fun waiting for the after life that isn’t there like I said evil religion is. 

The documentary I watched on the Sumerians pointed out politics and money system were around right when religion appeared and the three have been combined ever since then. 

That’s why I’ve got to understand politics so that I can understand religion better.  Like both priests and politicians tell people what they want to hear and listen to people’s problems so that they can adapt their con and then tell them what they want to hear some more. They lie and say they are going to fix your problems for more money an evil circle. So when a priest or politician asks how may I help you really they are saying how can they advance their lie and then guilt trip more money out of you.