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This website is not complete but what I have is enough to prove all religions to be lies. I have found some evidence that the Egyptians made it farther than what the main stream is saying. I know the Egyptians made it and started the Mayans and their buildings. The same with ancient China and their pyramids. I suspect India got their building techniques and religion from Egyptians as well but I still need to look into all three farther. It is religions goal to spread the religion to bring order starting with the Sumerians. I work 40 hours a week and can only work on the site in my spare time. So please read what I have below the main part of it and then come back a few months from now. I still have a few things to get straightened out below but it isn’t easy getting all this straight. When you’ve seen this disappear that means I’ve finished.

Even though what I have above is enough to prove religion is a lie that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Now I’m going to go over the info again from the above part but with added facts I found. There are tons of side notes, me repeating myself at first but I head in a different direction at the end. 

Through out this website what I say may sound mean but I don’t mean for it to be. I know the religious are nice people that have been lied to since birth. My frustrations are towards the men that have figured out religion was a con and used religion to take peoples money, minds and lives. They are the bad guys here that have tainted the world throughout history with their lies. It seems like the best liars become con men and fight for the reigns that pull on the religious con. 

I am sorry for the confusion; I tried my best to make this easily understandable but religion is the largest train wreck of lies ever. I estimate 200,000 lies on the low end but with all the religions combined it could easily  be 500,000 lies. With 6,000 years of just twisting the lies to adapt to maximize control. Religion was meant to not make sense so the con men can keep you confused, malleable to their new lie of the week for more money. Like the priest bringing up the news making claims of signs of the end times constantly to get more donations. 

To understand religion you need to understand the earlier religions. Looking back into the Sumerians and Egyptians explains most of it. The rest of what went wrong with religion is natural human errors.

The Sumerians were located where Iraq is now, started their religion 4,000 BC . This 6,000 year old religion was the first of the Bible like religions to speak of gods in the heavens. There was religions around before the Sumerians. Evidence of war before the Sumerians was found but it would seem the Sumerians combined all earlier religions and found a way to incorporate it with temples, war,  money and politics in a way that still stands today.  

Sumerians were the first to say they had to try to stay in good terms with the gods. They would do good things for others in order to not anger the gods to stay with in their good graces. The Sumerians mentioned winged creatures like angels from the sky the heavens but called them the Anunnaki and they were their gods. Some were human looking beings, males with wings with images of the sun on their wrist held on like a watch. The queen of the underworld also had wings and put wings on lions and bulls. The demons had wings and came from below the underworld like the movies show about demons today. 

The Sumerians had the sun as their main god. They were the  first to say the sun god would travel on a war vehicle in the day then ride through the underworld at night. The Sumerians had a 4 wheeled war chariot. Later the war vehicle was taken by the Egyptians and many of the gods rode a war boat in place of the sun. The Egyptians had the sun god change over time but always rode in the boat.

The Greek sun god Helius was plagiarized from the Sumerians too he had a 2 wheeled war chariot and rode through the sky and the underworld as well. So the ancients all believed that sun went around Earth just like the Christians did until science told them otherwise. 

Sticklers will say the Sumerians didn’t have a chariot but the four wheeled war wagon looked like a 4 wheeled chariot. It was used for war for the Sumerians before Egyptians made it shorter lighter and made it turn easier with 2 wheels. In the end it’s the only vehicle they knew so their sun god rode in it. The Egyptians were the first to make the chariot but for religious reasons they wanted the sun to float in the cosmic waters in a boat. 

The Sumerians had prayer first. Religion was essential to your daily life, you had to worship and pray daily. Kneeling and bowing was happening daily. The first kings in the beginning with the Sumerians were joined with the religion and the king was known as the care taker of the gods and provided the temple for the gods. This gave the king more importance and favor. Everyone that was within the area had to follow the religion like it were the law. The soldiers forced their religion upon the villages they took over. 

Just like all religions after the Sumerians only the elite, king or priests would actually get to read the religion once it was written. More like only the ones in on the scam could see it written. The Sumerians started their language with symbols to keep tabs on trade of fish cattle and crops. Later the symbols turned into more to describe battle victories where the first mentions of their gods can be found. Eventually laying out all their religion onto the famous Sumerian clay tablets. 

The Sumerians were the first to say the gods were the creator of the universe. 

Gods were always depicted as kings and as rulers. The Gods were the king rulers of all the universe and all of mankind the law above law as the religious still believe today. 

The Sumerians were the first to say gods existed before the universe. First to say a mother gave birth to Earth later plagiarized and twisted by the Egyptians. I wonder if that’s why we still say Mother Earth. 

The Sumerians were the first to show a long line of gods before their main god. The other religions did that too, the Bible with Jesus’ blood line. 

The Sumerians were the first to come up with a creation story. They even had the Garden Of Eden located where the 2 rivers meet.The Sumerians were first to claim the Earth was the  center of universe and of course their city Babylon was the center of Earth to them. That’s why the Christian priests were so for sure Earth was the center of the galaxy and the sun went around Earth, it came from the Sumerians.

The Sumerians were the first to say man was made out of clay. Humans were made out of clay by the gods to be slaves for the gods because the lower gods were tired of doing all the boring daily work. So humans were created to be servants to the gods according to the Sumerians and the rest of religions afterwards. The Sumerians believed their purpose in life was to serve the gods, an evil lie that continues in religions today. The Sumerians were first to say it was the duty of man to worship the gods. 

The first man was part god part human like Hercules but named Gilgamesh and lived to be 900 years old and that’s why Noah in the Bible lived to be 900 years old. The Sumerians were the first to have the ark story with the great flood. Their story even put two of each animal on the ark. Gave the dimensions of the boat. After the flood there was even the release and return of a dove. 

Sumerians were the first to say the gods promised they would never flood the Earth again. The same thing the Christians say today as the excuse that global warming is fake because god promised he would never flood Earth again. 

Gilgamesh’s sister was the Queen of the underworld Innana. Gilgamesh helped his sister chase a snake and a demon from a special tree. It’s obvious the Egyptians took that story and changed it to a demon woman half woman half snake in an apple tree that tricked the first humans. That was later changed to the talking snake being Satan a demon in the tree of Adam and Eve. 

Gilgamesh was described as 2/3 god from his mother and 1/3 human by his king father. 

Gilgamesh was the first to go for the search of immortality and failed. 

Gilgamesh was the first to go for new world order to bring on the golden age that inspired the Sumerians to do the same. Something the Egyptians did the Christians now days Alexander in the past and other dictators have tried for through out history all inspired from ancient Sumerian stories of fake gods. The great part Alexander the Great used came from a Sumerian king Sargon the great that has no evidence of existence just a copy cat like the pharaohs later that named himself after the fake god Sargon the second. 

Gilgamesh’s hunt for immortality is something the Greeks were into and the Catholics with the holy grail talk. So the Sumerians started the search for immortality that still goes on.

Gilgamesh was told in order to become immortal he must stop sleeping, if you can go on without sleep you become immortal like the gods. The priest would try to stay awake; they said to have a vision from god but really it’s sleep deprivation hallucinations and they are really trying to become immortal but when they fail they make excuses. 

The story also said the other way to become immortal is through eating a certain plant. So that’s why early man spent their time documenting every plant finding all the poisons and medicines. They were literally looking for immortality. At least they found something, some good head ache medicine. The Sumerians even had a witch doctor that would chase away evil demons trapping them in mini statues and other made up con rituals to heal you with the placebo effect. 

Gilgamesh went and found the rare plant but went to take a swim and an evil snake ate the plant, shed it’s skin, and became immortal and that’s their ancient excuse for why all snakes shed their skin. Children’s minds they had back when and yet people now days want to trust in cherry picked parts of these fairytales like they are facts. 

 In a story when in a fight with a god Gilgamesh defeats a winged bull sent down by the gods to assassinate Gilgamesh. He defeats the bull and tells his people to celebrate his victory over the bull. While the gods told everyone not to celebrate the victory and punished those that did. It would seem that story got stretched into the story about not worshiping false idols. The Bible mentioned the bull idol where they were punished for worshiping a false idol.  

The Sumerians were the first to say the Temples were the houses of the gods. Just like the Christians still say about the church. 

The gods stayed in the statues within the temples. First of the Bible like religion to have animal sacrifice and incents dedicated to the gods. The first to atone for their sins in prayer.

The Sumerians mentioned a main council of gods first that the Bible later changed to angels because there could only be one god so putting angels into the story was the loop hole to cover the many other gods up in heaven. Also is why they leave the S on god once in the Bible to slip in a wink wink. 

The Sumerians believed the gods got better, stronger more evolved. The gods gave birth to other gods and over time their perfect god was born Anu. The religious pushing for the perfect man as their god still today. The Egyptians said the same of Horus that he was perfect the most beautiful man when he took a human form and defeated Set. 

The Sumerians were the first to speak of heaven up high, underworld down low, Earth in the middle. They believed the lower part below Earth is where the ghosts and souls preside and the lower gods stayed there. Like Satan was a lower god. 

The Sumerians believed after humans died their soul ghost would travel to the underworld.  Where the soul would stay and wait for a chance to get into a new body. No matter how you lived your life good or bad you would go there and wait to be put in a new body, sometimes you end up in an animal body instead of human body. 

You can see the start up of heaven and hell with that story and the divide of heaven above and the underworld below us and the wait after death. The waiting like purgatory and Egypt kept that part after death wait too. There is also reincarnation in that too.  

That later became India Hindu religion with the soul going into the cow stretch from sometimes ending up in an animal. Just amazing how they take so little and stretch it. The Sumerians started it all in their crazy fairytale that later religions cherry picked and stretched to get all that I just mentioned. 

 The Sumerians started the idea of reincarnation first, but you had to wait in the underworld that had a golden gate protecting it. The gates of hell taken from the Sumerians and is why the Egyptians made the final gates of heaven golden. Some of the Christians say golden gates of heaven too even though the Bible doesn’t say golden gates it says pearl. 

To be back on Earth to live again was your heaven. Only the gods could live up above Earth. Just like Egyptians heaven the Bible heaven it’s called heaven on Earth but really your just on Earth. That’s why the Egyptians said you get your field of reeds, the Bible your plot of land, Earth is heaven. In reality this is it try to enjoy it but this Earth is both our heaven and our hell. 

Good days it’s heaven bad days it’s hell. Depending on which one you spend most of your time having will determine weather if you lived a life of hell or not. Hell meaning bad life heaven meaning good life. Earth is dying and we are ruining it for future generations, bringing our extinction here. Religion is what keeps us from even talking about it and seriously fixing it. We only get one Earth no gods will save us, we have to save ourselves. So try to be nice and helpful to people to make this Earth heaven paradise for everyone. 

The Sumerians had priests that had to tend to the gods daily. The gods were a statue they believed the gods soul could live in the statue. Which is a good lie makes any statue more magical still happens in India  and was really a way to keep the people, the money, and the power coming to see the almighty gods they had been hearing of. Pay your tiding, bring your sacrifice, do what the priest say to not anger the gods. 

Sumerians had both male and female priests to do daily rituals just like the Egyptians had. The priest prayed, sung hymns of the gods and played music in the temples for 800 years before anyone else did.

 The priests were required to feed the gods several times a day and I wonder if that’s why they settled with three meals a day now days. The priests would treat the statue like a god feeding it and cleaning it daily. 

The Sumerian kings and priests would do yearly rituals together for political strength, evidence religion and politics were born together with money . Money came at the time because religion and politics being a con needs money another con to survive. I consider trade money. People gave up what ever they had a rancher gave cattle a farmer gave wheat.

 Of course during hard times winter drought the priest would give some food back they didn’t want their willing slaves to die but would twist it as if they were the hero and god was saving them playing on people’s desperations. Now days there are far more people most not starving proving people in the past with far less numbers we’re getting screwed. 

The Sumerians were the first to look to the stars and start mapping their movements looking for signs from the gods. The Sumerians were the first religion to mention a dragon in their gods story. They believed the stars were the dragons ribs spread out when defeated but lives and cries and makes the Tigris and Euphrates river. Makes me wonder if that is why they carried on that dragon stuff for so long. 

The Sumerians were the first to believe you could do rituals to change your future. They would look to the stars for signs to see your future and ask the gods to give you a better life. Things I hear from the Christians still today. The Sumerians beliefs still lives on today and people need to grow up already and drop these ancient fairytales. 

The Sumerians gave the stars roles as symbols for the gods it was the Egyptians that confused it and started to make the star constellations gods and it got carried away even more by the Greeks with their constellations. 

The Sumerians were the first to track the movements of the stars, moon and sun later carried on by the Egyptians, Greeks and  Mayans. Its in the Bible but people don’t realize it mixed within the stories. 

Like the Jesus 2 fish stories is about the age of Pisces. The 2 fish the age we are in now. The start date of the age of Pisces is the same as the start date of Jesus’s birth because Jesus never existed and they needed a start date set in the stars, the heavens. 

Paine noticed the Greeks had astrology in their religion and said one of the reasons he didn’t like the Christian’s was because they cut out the astrology. 

The story of Moses being floated down a river in a reed basket later to be picked up and raised by Egyptians royalty was a Sumerian story first written about a Sumerian king god Sargon the great start up story which got mixed into the Bible because the Bible likes to cherry pick from anywhere that sounds good to them.

Even though the Sumerians,like the Egyptians, had many gods they too started the idea of a main god that was ruler over all the other gods. The Sumerian main god was Enlil. The same with Egyptian and Greek religion Osiris and Zeus were their main god becoming just god later in the Bible. 

There was a story about the Sumerian’s gods where one god had a wife she left him while pregnant, then no woman for many years, then he got lucky but it ended up being his daughter. After that relationship he didn’t get lucky for many more years then ended up sleeping with his granddaughter his daughter’s daughter. Complete obvious bull but a dog whistle, a green light for incest to men taken seriously by the Egyptians, the Greek and the Mormons. There is some incest within all religions all started by a fairytale meant to be a fake story about some made up gods. Probably an ancient rich man reflecting had to slip in an excuse.

A Sumerian god Ninurta was the first to try to take over the world like the Satan story but was stopped by the top god Enki the Egyptians just ran with it gods trying to take over the world left and right. Sumerians were the first to put out the ideal of world domination. At least the first to combine all ancient techniques philosophies to make the first working cities with armies with religion as law. 

Nabu the son of the son from where the god impregnated his own daughter that god became the god of wisdom, note taking and prophecies. Those attributes were past over to Thoth in Egyptian religion to Hermet in Greek religion then over to Enoch in the Bible. 

The god Innana was a female god known as the god of justice and war. That was the part of justice passed on to the Egyptians and lady justice still today. The Sumerians difference was they also had a higher up earlier male god of justice before later priest kings changed it. 

There are stories of the Sumerian gods that mirror things I’ve heard of in hell. Like a female goddess dying,going to the under world, then able to come back to life by putting her still living husband in her place in the underworld. It makes her sad makes Earth permanently winter so she works a deal out with the demons that later became making a deal with the devil. The deal was her husband could come up to the above ground making her happy making summer  come thus creating the seasons, such a fairytale. 

There were stories of the queen of underworld not able to hold parties in the underworld because the gods would get trapped down there that sounds familiar. 

The Sumerians spoke of evil super natural beings that we call demons today. The Egyptians went further with the demons. 

The Sumerians blamed demons for the bad behavior in the world. If crops died the Sumerians would blame a demon. 

The Sumerians developed rituals that would make the demons go away with the help of the gods some thought it worked but we know now it’s the placebo effect. The Sumerian priest would lay a figurine of a demon beside a sick person and drive out the demon making you sick with rituals chants hymns chasing the demon into the figurine trapping the demon. Then they buried that figurine of a demon with a black dog figurine to trap the the demon. So exorcism was started by the Sumerians carried on by the Egyptians and made its way into the Bible and most can’t see the obvious. The ones that do see it do mental gymnastics in order to deny it. To afraid to pull away from the lie they have been use to their whole life. 

The Sumerians even had witch craft stories and spells that get mention in the Old Testament and later became a problem in the Salem witch hunts. See why lies are bad? They infest and create chaos over time. Nobody wants to hear the really real truth making things worse.

The Sumerian reign as the first and only written religion lasted 800 years sort of where just out of their reach arose Egypts religion. My theory is that it was one of the many Sumerian princes that took his daddie’s riches and instead of fighting for power at home he started a kingdom of his own in Egypt. I think that because of the many similarities in religion, war techniques and construction techniques. 

As for the Sumerians themselves they didn’t make it the 800 years. The Sumerians had a  good run before they started another trend that continues on today. Within the Sumerian’s borders called Iraq today the northern part of Summer began changing the religion the name of the main gods but kept the story about the same with slight differences.

The slight variations caught on in the north it grew and expanded. Then eventually the south demanded the north keep to tradition the old way and the north said no and then the first civil war caused by a Bible like religion broke out. 

The con men that originally started the religion ironically were destroyed, wiped out by a slight variation newer version of their religion and it still continues with religion today. This was proven through archeological records. They can see the name figurines and statues of the gods move around from the north then later over the original Sumerians and then they became the Akkadians then Babylonians then eventually the Persians. 

Before the Sumerians there was religion but religion wasn’t used for a driver of politics and war until the Sumerians started it but it lead to their downfall in the first known civil war. The Akkadians the off spring of the Sumerians pump up with religion started their New world order conquest. 

Carving shows the first king marching with his Akkadian army leaving carvings after victories speaking of the gods thanking  them for helping them win their victory another thing that carries on even in sports today. Giving all the credit to god or Jesus instead of the person that actually deserves the credit. 

Civil wars, wars giving credit of victories to god all first started by the Sumerians. That becomes the way and will continue on to every civilization that continues on with religion. 

During the religious wars between the Akkadians and Egyptians a man carved on a stone, religion causes nothing but war. Somebody figured out the truth thousands of years ago. As long as religion is around the recipe for a civil war and unrest will always be around.