The bird head man is Thoth the wisest man of them all according to the Egyptians. The third wise man is sitting down with Horus in his lap. 

What makes this important is the Egyptians wrote the story of the three wise men presenting gifts first thousands of years before the Bible was written. Which means the Egyptian story of the three wise men presenting gifts to the anointed one is plagiarized from the Egyptians. 

The story has been carried by mouth and tradition this whole time. It still continues with other lies spread by mouth today. 

As you can see I’m not messing around with the truth here. I have been studying all the different aspects of religion for over 2 decades now.

I’ve heard the view points from all sides. I watched all I can find that picks holes into all religions.I’ve seen everything the History Channel had to say about religion. I’ve seen everything the archeologists have had to say about religion.

I have went over Thomas Paine’s book The Age of Reason twice slowly bit by bit to make sure I understood all of it. The Age of Reason breaks down both the old and new testaments pointing out the many many contradictions.

 Also I’ve listened to Hitchens and Dawkins documentaries. They concluded the same things and I agree after much thought and research but no one will bring it all together or criticize the most important parts until now.

In order to stop all religions you must know its origins. Once you know where religion came from how it started and how it spreads, you can see how to stop all religions.

 Remember I’m just the messenger all this info has been out there. Now you can find it all in one place with a bit more insight. I also have pictures that point out things no one has pointed out. I tie together a major story between the religions that no one else noticed until now and you can be one of the first to witness it. Remember I’m just trying to help the world find the age of reason and to help bring real peace.

If you’re religious reading this and you’ve made it this far please continue. I know religious people are good people all people are good people naturally deep down and we don’t need religion to be good civilized people. Consider this a test of your faith if you can look into all these religions and still hold your faith well that means you’ve passed your test. You will learn the more things change the more things stay the same. 

Below you’ll get the really real truth about religion straight, bluntly more clear than ever before.I hope I have your undivided attention now.This is happening, get ready to see the really real truth clearer than ever before. 

Make sure to check out the real truth evidence pictures in the gallery. Please check it a second time after you finish reading the site the pictures take on a whole new meaning. 

The image below is a snap shot from Egyptian myths showing the end time story. The main part of the Christians end times heaven on earth coming back to live happily ever after with your family all plagiarized from the Egyptians. The Christians call it the rapture even though the word rapture isn’t even in the Bible which makes it a con mans trigger word passed by mouth. 

I read a news report where they interviewed people that believed fully in the rapture. Many admitted to waking up not finding their family then flipping out thinking they went up to heaven in the rapture and they did something wrong. They thought they would never see their loved ones again but really their family went to the store real quick to come home to find their child losing their mind it’s religion for you. The victims of this trauma report PTSD, sadness, depression and anxiety. Many admitted to leaving the religion over it the trauma was so bad. 

They all thought the rapture could happen at any moment. They said they played games as kids about the rapture. They saw movies about the rapture detailing it, dramatizing it, making the stress even worse. It’s time to end all this anxiety that this lie has caused. In order to see the truth you must seek the truth.If responsible people don’t address all these lies then irresponsible people will be free to exploit them.