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God, the Creator in most religions, is considered the most important of the gods. Many argue that one cannot prove whether the God of the Bible exists or not, but I believe I can show that this God never existed. If you can demonstrate that the story of God is fabricated, it implies that God was also made up and never existed.

The creator God, known today simply as "God," was introduced by the Sumerians, the first people to have a Bible-like religion. They called this deity An. As the Sumerian population grew and expanded, their younger generation began to call An "Anu." A civil war eventually erupted over the names used in the religion, with the younger generation emerging victorious. This new society became the Akkadians. The cycle continued, and Anu was later changed to Anum by the Assyrians.

Egypt then adopted the concept of the Creator, calling it Atum. After a civil war over religious variations, with the younger generation winning again, Atum was changed to Ra. Near the end of Egypt's reign, the name was altered to Amun. Alexander the Great subsequently conquered Egypt, ending the Egyptian religion. However, the Greeks preserved the story of the Bible God under the name Uranus.

The Jewish people later adopted the concept, calling God "Yahweh." In the New Testament, the name was simplified to "God." When Islam emerged and gained control of the Middle East, they changed the name to "Allah."

If you have ever considered the stories of the Sumerians, Egyptians, or Greeks to be mere fairy tales with made-up gods, then you have inadvertently admitted that your own God is a fabricated tale. The Bible God never existed; there is no word of God or heaven or hell. Earlier stories and religions provide evidence for this claim. By examining the chronological order of religions, we can trace the evolution of gods throughout history.

I argue that all written religions and their gods are derived from the first story of God. Today's gods in religious texts are undoubtedly based on earlier versions. You may refer to the universe as God if you wish, but the gods in Bible-like religions are undoubtedly fictional.

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The Sumerians were located where Iraq is now and started their religion around 4,000 BC. This 6,000-year-old religion was the first Bible-like religion to speak of gods. Sumerians were the first to emphasize the importance of maintaining good terms with the gods. They would do good things for others to avoid angering the gods and stay in their good graces. Religion was essential to daily life, requiring daily worship and prayer. Kneeling and bowing were common practices.

Sumerians had both male and female priests who performed daily rituals. These priests prayed, sang hymns, and played music in temples for 800 years before anyone else. The Sumerians were also the first to study the stars and map their movements, seeking signs from the gods. They would look to the stars for guidance on their future and ask the gods for a better life.

The Sumerians were the first to claim that humans were made out of clay. According to their beliefs, humans were created by the gods to be servants because the lower gods were tired of doing all the mundane daily work. This concept of serving a higher power is still echoed in various religious beliefs today.

The Sumerians also introduced the story of the great flood and the ark, which featured two of each animal on the ark. The clay tablets even provided the boat's dimensions. After the flood, the story included the release and return of a dove.

Sumerians were the first to claim that the gods promised never to flood the Earth again. Some people today use this belief to dismiss concerns about global warming.

The Sumerians described heaven as being up high, the underworld down low, and Earth in the middle. They believed that the area beneath the Earth was where ghosts, souls, and lower gods resided.

According to Sumerian beliefs, after humans died, their souls would travel to the underworld to await reincarnation. Regardless of the quality of their lives, souls would wait for an opportunity to enter a new body, which could sometimes be an animal.

The Sumerians did not last for 800 years. Within the Sumerian borders, the northern part of Sumer began altering the religion. They changed the names of the main gods but kept the core story, with some modifications. For example, An became Anu, and eventually, the name changed multiple times, culminating in the term "God."

These differences caught on in the north and expanded. Eventually, the south demanded that the north adhere to tradition, which led to the first civil war.

The con men who originally started the religion were ironically destroyed by a slightly different version of their own beliefs, but the modified religion continued. The youth that took over and changed the religion were called the Akkadians. The Sumerian religion never stopped changing and ultimately became incorporated into the Bible.

The civil wars fueled by religious differences persist to this day. The same thing happened to the Egyptians when they adopted and altered the Sumerian religion. Eventually, the Egyptians had a civil war over whether the sun god should be called Atum or Ra. Similar conflicts occurred among Catholics regarding the date to celebrate Easter.

As long as religion is around the recipe for a civil war and unrest will always be around. The only way to stop future religious civil wars is to understand the really real truth. 

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Egypt is the source of much of the Bible's content. Horus became Jesus, Isis became the Virgin Mary, Set became Satan, and Osiris, combined with Lord Ptah, became God. Like the Sumerians, the Egyptians believed that humans were created from clay. In Egyptian religion, humans were formed from clay on a pottery wheel.

The Egyptians were the first to have the Ten Commandments, among many other commandments, but they portrayed the ten as being presented above all others, similar to the Bible's story of Moses.

The Egyptians also had concepts of heaven, the gates of heaven, and being judged by the scales of justice at those gates. Thoth, akin to Saint Peter in the Bible, judged individuals. In Egyptian heaven, people received a plot of land, just as the Bible describes, except the Egyptians called it the "Field of Reeds."

Egyptians also believed in an end time story where the final battle between Set and Horus would take place. Set and Horus had numerous battles, with Horus always emerging victorious. In one battle, Set took the form of a red hippo straddling the Nile. This is the origin of Satan's red skin; it represents red hippo skin, not a bodysuit.

The oldest version of the Bible even depicts Satan with a hippo head and a snake's tongue. In Egyptian religion, it is explicitly stated that Horus and Set continue to contend for souls today, accumulating followers for the final battle of good versus evil, in which Horus is expected to defeat Set. After Set's defeat, Osiris will rise from the underworld with all his faithful followers and bring about heaven on Earth forever.

The same lie the Christians believe today is the same lie the Egyptians wasted their entire life for. They gave up all their money and time for. Then they all died waiting for that lie. It’s time to stop honoring these religious lies. It is time to usher in The Age Of Reason. In order to stop all religions you must know it’s origins. Learn the really real truth for free at religionsorigins.com