Tired of  the religious ruling with their propaganda ?
Do you want to help fight in this information war?

 Do you want to help save humans from the fate of living a lie? 
Do you want to help the world break free from religious repression?

The best way with out getting attacked is through just putting it out there. 

I’ve been seeing Religious people dropping off propaganda cards propaganda booklets in the restrooms at grocery stores and restaurants I would love help from anybody that would like to help to do the same except putting out the really real truth.

Here are some ideals of what to print on the cards booklets or any other social media you want to help spread the really real truth on. Any way you can help out pulling humanity from ending itself through religion will help out greatly. 


Founding Father Thomas Paine was born and raised a Quaker. He knew the old and New Testament by heart. Also as an author he fully understood and knew the context in the the Bible and even knew the dates when the writings were done. Within the Old and New Testament, Thomas Paine found over 6 different contradictions between the 2 books. 

The one that stuck out the most was the contradiction found with in the 4 books Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Where 2 of the book gives the lineage of Jesus each one gave over 30 names but only 2 names matched giving Jesus’s blood line severe doubt also doubt of Jesus' existence. 

The 2 names that did match was Moses and Abraham; but when Thomas Paine read the books of Moses and Abraham he notice they were written in the third person and in the past tense. Meaning they could not have been written by Moses or Abraham. Meaning they did not exist. 

There are no historical records of Moses, Abraham or Jesus that can be found. Thomas Paine also pointed out that the Jewish people were seeking a messiah and had dated history for 500 years and well after the supposed time of Jesus. However no Jewish records mentions Jesus and they all agree today that he never existed. 

Thomas Paine also pointed out that the New Testament where Christians love to 'attempt' to refer to the Old Testament as evidence of Jesus’s existence only fails Thomas Paine went to the Old Testament and read all those alleged spots. He found that none of the spots spoke of Jesus and the Christians have been taking the Old Testament out of context this whole time. 

The best example is the one evangelicals send in the mail at Christmas time bringing up the story of Isaiah where he mentions I need a son to be born to save my kingdom. The Christians point at that and say “up that’s Jesus” but what Thomas Paine noticed was fake Jesus was not born till 800 years later. 

An impossibility for Jesus to help Isaiah and two when taken in context Isaiah is speaking of his own son to be born Isaiah Jr. and he is to become heir to his thrown. It was his own son that was to save the kingdom not Jesus. 

Pretty much Thomas Paine concluded that Jesus never existed and the Old and New Testament are just scams. Thomas Paine figured it out by just actually reading the 2 books and checking on where and when the parts of the Bible were produced providing the hearsay to the obvious.

Thomas Paine tells you exactly where to look in the Bible and reads it to you from the Bible and points out so much more. It’s been 200 years since the book came out and it is time for the age of reason. Time for honoring religious lies will soon be coming to an end. Learn more for free at ReligionsOrigins.com 

The real truth is Egypt is where most of the Bible comes from Horus became Jesus, Isis became the mother Mary, Set became Satan and Osiris mixed with Lord Ptah became God. The Egyptians also said man was made out clay 3200 BC saying man was made out of clay on a pottery wheel.The Egyptians were the first to have the Ten Commandments. Mises was the one that brought the Ten Commandments down Mount Cyanid that is near Egypt. 

The Egyptians had purgatory first. After you died you went to a waiting place called the underworld where you had to say the Ten Commandments over and over. Except it went I did not steal , I did not kill and so on. It was later changed to thou shall not steal and so forth. If pure you'll find Thoth.  Thoth holds the ladder from the underworld and up to Heaven this I seen in painting on a wall showed on the history channel no text but the painting said it all. Clearly showed Thoth at the bottom of the ladder waiting for you. Also showed Thoth waiting for you at top of the ladder. Thoth judges you when you get up to the gates of heaven. Once at the gates of heaven Thoth judged you with the scales of justice. The term scales of justice is still used today by governments. 

The Egyptians scale at the gates had your heart on one side weighed down with sin the other side had a feather meaning you must be perfectly good or you’re not getting into heaven.Unless they were rich then they could buy little figurine statues to make their heart lighter at judgement time, to make up for their wrong doing but really it was just a way for the priest to make more money off of the rich. Once in heaven you got your own plot of land your field of reeves where you live with your family in the after life forever. Egyptians all believed this 2,700 years before the Bible was even written. They all wasted their life away just to die believing in a lie called religion. Learn the really real truth for free at www.religionsorigins.com 

Horus also hung on the cross had the three day death and was resurrected. Horus was always with the 12 disciples for he was the sun in the sky. What many don’t know is right in front them every year. Every year as we move towards winter the plants die the days grow shorter it gets cold marking to the ancients the sun Horus was dying. Dec 21 as many know is the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. The day the sun dies and we lose one minute that day but what most don’t know is the following three days Dec 22, 23 and 24 we do not gain or minus any time on those days. Signifying the three day death of the sun in the sky. Also every morning on those three mornings when the sun rises it is near the cross constellation. Still called the crux constellation and it signified to the ancients the three day death of the sun. Where Horus hung  on the cross for three days. Then on Dec 25 we gain one minute to that day. Signifying the birth of the sun in sky later Horus even later Jesus. The Egyptians didn’t celebrate the three day death until equinox because to them the sun was born dec 25. Egyptians even brought in a Palm tree fern and put it up like we do the tree on the 25th. Even though the sun is born the 25th it is not strong enough to fight off night and warm up the earth. Until the duration of day becomes one minute longer than the duration of night marking the equinox and should be the day Easter is celebrated but the church have really messed up the message. With all the popes making so many changes over the years just like the Egyptians did it’s surprising the message stayed this straight.

So you see Horus Jesus never existed just stories about the sun in the sky that got carried away. The 12 Disciples are nothing more than the 12 constellations that is why they always follow with the sun.

Learn more for free at ReligionsOrigins.com

If you have any ideals you wish to print and put out it will be great.