Religions Origins

The bird head man is Thoth the wisest man of them all according to the Egyptians. The third wise man is sitting down with Horus in his lap. 

What makes this important is the Egyptians wrote the story of the three wise men presenting gifts first thousands of years before the Bible was written. Second the Bible doesn’t even mention three wise men bringing Jesus gifts. The Bible says one man a general not a wise man brought Jesus gifts. Which means the Egyptian story of the three wise men presenting gifts to the anointed one is plagiarized from the Egyptians. 

The story has been carried by mouth and tradition this whole time. It still continues with other lies spread by mouth today. 

Thanks for coming to my website as you can see I’m not messing around with the truth here. I have been studying all the different aspects of religion for over 2 decades now.

I’ve heard the view points from all sides. I watched all I can find that picks holes into all religions. I’ve seen many priest debate on many things like Dawkins debates he held. I’ve seen everything the history channel had to say about religion. I’ve seen everything the archeologists have had to say about religion. Also I investigated everything zeitgeist had to say along with zeitgeist debunked. 

I have went over Thomas Paine’s book the age of reason twice slowly bit by bit to make sure I understood all of it. The age of reason breaks down both the old and new testaments pointing out the many many contradictions.

 Also I’ve listened to Hitchens and Dawkins documentaries . They concluded the same things and I agree after much thought and research but no one will bring it all together or criticize the most important parts until now.

 Remember I’m just the messenger all this info has been out there. Now you can find it all in one place with a bit more insight. I’m just trying to help the world find the age of reason and to help bring real peace. 

Below you’ll get the really real truth about religion strait up bluntly more clear than ever before. The image below or to the right is a snap shot of the Egyptian's much older religion. The end time story that matches the Christian end time story. The most important part for several religions all plagiarized from the Egyptians. 

I hope I have your undivided attention now.This is happening get ready to see the really real truth clearer than ever before. Make sure to check out the real truth evidence pictures in the gallery. Please check it a second time after you finish reading the site the pictures take on a whole new meaning. 


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The Sumerians located where Iraq is now, started their religion 4,000 BC . The Sumerians were the first to speak of gods , angels from the sky,the sun being the main god. They were the first to come up with a creation story. They even had the Garden Of Eden located where the 2 rivers meet. The first to say man was made out of clay. The first man was also part god like Hercules but named Gilgamesh. The Sumerians were the first to have the arc story with the great flood. Their story even put 2 of each animal on the ark. Gave dimensions of the boat. After the flood there was even the release and return of a dove. The story of Moses being floated down a river in a reef basket later to be picked up and raised by Egypts royalty was a Sumerian story first. The Sumerian reign as the first and only religion lasted 800 years where just out of their reach arose Egypts religion with Autumn the sun god and the early stage of Horus where his original mom was a cow Hathor and Horus Isis Osiris Set were all brother sisters. Autumn the sun in the sky later became Ra then Amon and at some points Horus and Horus mom was changed to Isis with a brother sister relationship to give birth to Horus. Over 2000 years each pharaoh changed the religion to fit their home town beliefs making the Egyptian religion ten times longer than the Bible and is how it is so easy to hide the truth. The Pope in the past point only to the parts that don’t match the Bible. The real truth is Egypt is where most of the Bible comes from Horus became Jesus, Isis became the mother Mary, Set became Satan and Osiris mixed with Lord Ptah became God. The Egyptians also said man was made out clay 3200 BC saying man was made out of clay on a pottery wheel.The Egyptians were the first to have the Ten Commandments. Mises was the one that brought the Ten Commandments down Mount Cyanid that is near Egypt not far from Isis island. The Egyptians had purgatory first. After you died you went to a waiting place called the underworld where you had to say the Ten Commandments over and over. Except it went I did not steal , I did not kill and so on. It was later changed to thou shall not steal and so forth. If pure you'll find Thoth. Thoth holds the ladder from the underworld and up to Heaven this I seen in painting on a wall showed on the history channel no text but the painting said it all. Clearly showed Thoth at the bottom of the ladder waiting for you. Also showed Thoth waiting for you at top of the ladder. Thoth judges you when you get up to the gates of heaven. The Egyptian golden gates are the four golden arch ways you walk through. The Bible got the metal bar golden gates of heaven from the Sumerian's under world, which was closed by a golden bar type gate. After looking into it more the golden gate didn’t happen till later the Bible says pearl gates made from oysters the size of a mansion talk about fairytales. In some now days books and by mouth many of the religious are calling them the golden gates of heaven like the Egyptians and Sumerians did in the past. Once at the gates of heaven Thoth judged you with the scales of justice. The term scales of justice is still used today by governments. The Egyptians scale at the gates had your heart on one side weighed down with sin the other side had a feather meaning you must be perfectly good or you’re not getting into heaven.Unless they were rich then they could buy little figurine statues to make their heart lighter at judgement time, to make up for their wrong doing but really it was just a way for the priest to make more money off of the rich. Once in heaven you got your own plot of land your field of reeves where you live with your family in the after life forever. Egyptians all believed this 2,700 years before the Bible was even written. They all wasted their life away just to die believing in a lie called religion. Once again heaven is just the priest telling you what you want to hear it sounds great to live with your loved ones forever and the lie can ease your pain as they die but it is still a lie. Con men get you by dangling something you want in front of you knowing you’ll ignore the bad things the church does in order to get what you want like living with loved ones in a made up heaven. When in fact condoning the churches lies and mishaps is what turns your character dark. Makes it so you fall for other lies and allow con men to walk all over you rip you off and you find a way to justify their wrong doing as if it was gods will for you to unwillingly help. Religion is evil and no one can see it. Religion literally rapes children lies to you takes your money and tricks you into wasting your life by giving your money for joy to the church and bottle up all your fun waiting for the after life that isn’t there like I said evil religion is. The documentary I read on the Sumerians pointed out politics and money system were around right when religion appeared and the three have been combined ever since then. That’s why I’ve got to understand politics so that I can understand religion better. Like both priests and politicians tell people what they want to hear and listen to people’s problems so that they can adapt their con and then tell them what they want to hear some more for more money an evil circle.The Egyptians also believed in the end time the final battle. They unlike the Bible mention the earlier battles when Set the prince of darkness as in sun set the night time. Also known as the Barron desert never to have kids in one battle took the form of a red hippo so large it straddles the Nile river. That is why Satan has the red skin and even a hippo head in the earliest bible pictures of Satan. Horus the son of Ra the sun but also meant to become the sun in Ra’s place when Ra retires it's complicated as lies always are, Horus took the form of a giant man the most beautiful man ever seen their words not mine glowing all gold with a giant golden spear Horus throws it at Set hits Set between the eyes and set loses again. Later Horus human form grows bored with man and goes to heaven but can't get in blocked by set that wants in too but can’t until Horus and Set settle who should rule in Ra’s place the sun. So the Egyptians believed that Horus and Set still collect souls today gathering enough souls for the final battle of good verses evil. Where Horus is projected to defeat Set stopping all evil and then Osiris will rise from the underworld bringing heaven on earth bringing all of Osiris’s faithful followers back to life to live with their family happily ever after forever. Just what they wanted to hear what we all want to hear but it is not the truth just selling us on false hopes. Obviously heaven was plagiarized from the Egyptians religion . The Egyptians all died waiting for the end time. They all thought it would happen in their life time. They all thought Horus would want to come back and meet them personally in their life time. This is what I gathered watching documentaries on Egyptians religion and ancient culture they admit all kinds of things here and there just no one has gathered all the pieces together until now. The website gives the name of the archeologist and tell you where to get the book that shows these stories on coffins, walls and written on papyrus. When all the stories are gathered the Egyptians have a ten times larger written religious history and stories that the makers of the Bible had to cherry pick from. Horus also hung on the cross had the three day death and was resurrected. Horus was always with the 12 disciples for he was the sun in the sky. What many don’t know is right in front them every year. Every year as we move towards winter the plants die the days grow shorter it gets cold marking to the ancients the sun Horus was dying. Dec 21 as many know is the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. The day the sun dies and we lose one minute that day but what most don’t know is the following three days Dec 22, 23 and 24 to ancient man’s naked eyes we do not lose or gain any time on those days. Signifying the three day death of the sun in the sky. Also every morning on those three mornings when the sun rises it is near the cross constellation. Still called the crux constellation looks like a cross and it signified to the ancients as the three day death of the sun. Where Horus the sun hung on the cross constellation for three days. Then on Dec 25 we gain one minute to that day. Signifying the birth of the sun in sky later Horus even later Jesus. The Druids noticed the sun movements too they celebrated every year from the 21st to the 25th and the druids and mason builders learned all they knew from the Egyptians I’ve seen the mason builders hold a ritual for Horus on the history channel admitting to me that they know they stole their religion and building techniques from the Egyptians. The Egyptians didn’t celebrate the three day death until the equinox because to them the sun was born dec 25. Egyptians even brought in a Palm tree fern and put it up like we do the tree on December 25th. Even though the sun is born the 25th it is not strong enough to fight off night and warm up the earth. Until the duration of day becomes one minute longer than the duration of night marking the equinox and should be the day Easter is celebrated but the church have really messed up the message. With all the popes making so many changes over the years just like the Egyptians did it’s surprising the message stayed this straight. So you see Horus Jesus never existed just stories about the sun in the sky that got carried away. The 12 Disciples are nothing more than the 12 constellations that is why they always travelled with the sun.

There is more a lot more. Like lord Ptah 3000 BC of Memphis Egypt the oldest still living city in Egypt. Lord Ptah was the first to be called lord he was a god that could hear all your prayers and would answer your prayers if you’re being good enough. Making it obvious the Bible combined Osiris and Lord Ptah to make god. You can see that at Also on the website they point out clearly that the Bible thumpers say Amon at the end of every prayer. It showed the name Amon is annunciated All men the way the Religious say it most of the time even though many ignorant fools since 2000 started saying a man and it is catching on in the Bible Belt where ignorance is bliss. It may be an attempt from priest to cover the fact they are praying to an Egyptian god every time they say Amon. The history channel ran a bible secrets special in it they pointed out how the 2 main philosophies of the time are mixed in pieces with in the Bible showing the Bible was cherry picking more than just other religions. Thomas Paine pointes out that all the good saying that are in the New Testament that Jesus says we’re around in all the other religions long before the Bible came out. Like the Sumerians the first religion made it a point to help out people to be a good Samaritan expression is used today. The Bible secrets also pointed out how the original Old Testament was found on the border of Egypt nearest to the land of Israel written in Egyptian. Where God Yahweh had a wife like all the gods in Egypt do. The Bible even mention Yahweh wife name Kaddish. Where it told people to destroy their enemies’ statues their shrines and burn their Kardish you know the Bible telling people to destroy other people’s religion then being hypocrites they give now day Religious terrorist group isis crap for doing the same as they did in the past and that is destroying religious relics or artifacts that is not from their own religion. Also Bible secrets that is free on YouTube from the history channel also pointed out how in the original Old Testament eve was not Adam’s first wife. God made Adam and his first wife out of clay. She was part human the top half part snake the bottom half. She was a disobedient wife so Adam had god kick her out of Eden which the name Eden being the garden that started man was taken from the Sumerians they had it first by thousands of years. Then god took Adams rib and made eve his obedient wife. It was Adam’s X wife that tricked eve into eating the apple not Satan a talking snake but Adams X wife half woman half snake. That entire story came from the Egyptians. They had a half snake half woman in an apple tree poring apple juice down from the tree on to a man and the ancient drawing speaks volumes. The fact the Bible changed it self from that earlier story to a talking snake shows how fake it is just changing its story to suit the priest as they go along. Also on Bible Secrets they pointed out the Bible’s brain washing was causing earlier Catholic to commit suicide to get into heaven faster. So the pope at the time had to change the Bible pointing out how fake gods word is needing to be constantly changed. That was when the pope of the time changed the Bible to if you kill yourself you’re not getting into heaven and they still say it. Just like the Egyptians changed their story with each new pharaoh the Catholic have done the same with each new pope. Then it got changed more with the King James Version Christian version then eventually the Mormons got in on the con and played off the Bible’s lies which had a start up that was trackable and helps show how much of a con this all is. Joseph Smith their so called founder was arrested still on records for conning people out of their money as a crystal ball reader. Obviously a manipulator after that arrest was smart enough to see religion was a lie and got in on the money scam and made up his own religion stretched off of the Christian religion like all the religions did before and like all the other con men before him. Joseph also decided to included multiple wives the horny bastard showing mans lust in the religion again. Even put in the Book of Mormon how he tricked the guy into writing the book the followers read that but still condone it. The gold plates never have been seen you would think they would of forged some by now with all the gold they received from their sheep but no they are dumb. Along with their belief that the Indians are going to rise up and win in the end time battle when the Indians are almost extinct. They wear pajamas that they call magic underwear to protect them in their sleep from a long list of things that will never happen. They believe when they die they become a god but before they die their body is their temple a saying that was around before the Mormons so they are forced to eat healthy never smoke cigarettes never get a tattoo a nazi conforming type religion but all the religions were that bad in the past it’s not just the Muslims. The Catholics are trying to return us to Amish time if they could making their move into government strong in the USA right now to get their way. I’ve noticed all the religions condone rape in always a one sentence liner in their books but the men take it too far all the way as if rape is ok. Like the Bible mentions the angles that came to see Lot and the town people wanted the angles so they could rape them but instead of giving up the angles lot gave up his own daughters to be raped and he was the only moral man in town. In a way it is condoning rape but the sick fucks that get into the Bible have taken it as a green light from god to rape. The same with the Quran it mentions Mohamed raping his own daughter and doesn’t mention it being bad so the Muslim fanatics take it as a green light from god to rape. The Muslims are based off parts of the Catholic religion just as the Catholic broke off of the Jewish religion as they broke off the Egyptians as they broke off of the Sumerians religion just one spawning off another. The Muslim pull off the claim that Abraham had sex with a slave girl that later gave birth to Mohamed but because Abraham proven to be made up like all of it obviously Mohamed is to. The biggest give away their religion is made up is when Mohamed flies away on a white winged horse. Which is really a repeated story stolen from Greek mythology the white Pegasus. Buddhist claim they are not a religion just a philosophy but sorry a lot of people that follow the Bible says the Bible is just a philosophy too and you are a religion. You say the white elephant impregnating the virgin mother was a dream then the lady gave birth to Buddha normally he had a human father. It still sounds like other religions that claim it came to them in a dream the Mayan sun god where people had to be killed daily for the sun to rise comes to mind. The other problem is the picture of the Buddha temple I seen. It was all gold the walls the pillars the roof the statue of Buddha all of it. It was more gold than any other temple I have ever seen. Meaning millions of donations came in for a belief of a man that isn’t around with a god like back story, I’m sorry but you are a religion and money needs to stop being donated to all religions world wide so that the money can bring people real happiness doing the things we really want to do and not go chasing a money sucking fantasy. Also holy water originated with Zeus it was used in rituals in the temples of Zeus. From Bible Secrets I found out that Zeus priest would use magic tricks and deception to make it appear as if a god did it to get people to their temples. The Bible secrets history channel documentary pointed out the early Christians did the same thing. Like they would make two fire pits filled with wood and had one pale of water and one chemical pale of clear liquid that looked like water that when mixed with a powder laying under the wood would ignite into a roaring fire. So early Christian priests would gather a crowd of Zeus followers and say let’s see if your god will light this fire with water then of course it wouldn’t lite. Then deceptively claim the chemical was the water from the Christian god and poured it on the powder laced wood and it would burst into flames looking like gods magic to the ignorant and then they would go to the cristian church instead of Zeus’. The Greeks did similar things first like put a statue in a room and had a hole to yell through from the next room over so a person coming in after drinking a lot of wine that the priest forced onto them as a ritual but really a cover lie knowing it messes up the senses. Then with only a little candle lit in the room the person could only barely see the statue to them it was a god talking and their imagination filled in the rest. From a historical point of view no historians mention any of the gods or Jesus ever existing. I seen on the news it self that Josephus forged his so called historical accounts his writing carbon dated to him and hand writing analysts say he forged it all. Founding father Thomas Paine worked to keep religious teachers out of the schools and non religious professors in colleges. He also said The Christian religion is parody on the worship of the Sun in which they put a man called Christ in place of the sun and payed him the adoration originally given to the sun. In Thomas Paine Age Of Reason he mentions the Bible having a recipe to cook meat that included human feces making the Bible a joke and I really hope some die hard Christians were ignorant enough to follow that recipe and get what they deserved some shit in their mouth. Not to mention all the contradictions, incoherent chapters and parts of the book are in the wrong place and Paine pointed out the Bible would never hold up in the court of law as the word of god. It is obvious lies made by a con man and has been upgraded by other con men over thousands of years. Religion is a lie to believe in it is the same as believing in Santa Clause. It is childish might as well as call yourself a Jedi and use the force. Believing in a lie your whole life makes it so you fall for the republican government’s lies the rich’s lies the politician’s lies. It is proven in a study that religious people have a far harder time telling myths from reality than a non religious person. I’ve seen it plain as day where the fanatical religious are insane. When a person believes in thousands of lies as fact and truth it seriously messes a person up on everything. This is why the deeply religious people come across as snobby, bossy, smug ass holes and then they wonder why we hate them after they have ruined everything fun what they consider to be fun truly sucks. Yes religion does make the deeply religious work harder by telling themselves they are working for Jesus and clears their mind of most thoughts so they can have nothing better to do then get overly involved in work. I’ve seen many mindless religious people where that is all they have their friends at work love life at work after work events with coworkers pathetic can’t find a life with out work. Evidence religion was made to enslave you to trick you into living off of less and working for more so you can give all that you can to the con men that see you as an ATM at the church. To let a lie like this into our government onto our money is lunacy and Thomas Paine fought for the opposite of that. It is obvious the rich have been using religion from the start to control people. Rich people have been backing it from the start with the Sumerians the first city. During my studies they showed the Sumerians had politics and religion together like they were born together and politicians in the past were the priest and are the same con men that ran religion at the start and still today. Now days there are just a bunch of con men to fill many spots. Any one that tells you what you want to hear for financial gain is a con man.Religion is the biggest con ever and is still gaining steam. Rich people are using religion to control the non rich still today and money fuels it all.

If you are religious then you are mentally enslaved too afraid to break the shackles of lies and see the really real truth. Many deny the truth out right even when it is laid out in front of them plain as day. Time for honoring religious lies will soon be coming to an end. The non believers that figure out the truth as I have need to insert themselves because religion is pushing the world towards extinction. As long as the governments are full of people blinded by religion we will be chasing our tail of lies instead of moving towards saving all life from extinction. Religion sucks the fun out of life. I believe in order but over order is repression and it is not right.With out religion all people in this world can move forward together peacefully towards saving us all forever. We don’t need religion we just need to hold our own and help out people that need help to make all our lives as best as possible.Now days with the police we do not need religion to have order and we also must get religion out of government so our police can govern properly with out the bigotry of religion in the way. Also those that commit crimes are acting out because the world is not right because religion and it’s thousands of lies have tainted the world. With out religion these people will stop acting out because finally everyone will fit in. People that are overly good need to try to be cool and tone it down with the shaming and bossing around of strangers. The others that went too bad need to clean it up a bit and stop the senseless violence and vandalism , get a job and we all can meet up here in the middle where it is cool,right and we all work to get along and make paradise for all. Life is to short to be wasting it on lies like religion.
I’ve been seeing Religious people dropping off propaganda cards in the restrooms at grocery stores and restaurants and I would love help from any non religious people that would like to help to do the same except putting out the really real truth.
Here are some ideals of what to print on the cards or any other social media you want to help spread the really real truth on.

I know for a fact all religions are a myth and there are no gods.  I have evidence and if you’re so strong in your faith then you’ll have no problem reading it all. Just go to the home page will show the gods at top then the stories below that. Look for the Isis Osiris myth story. Skim to the very bottom of the page to the last two paragraphs and you will see the end time story where Osiris is in place of god. Horus is in the place of Jesus and set or Seth is in the place of Satan plain as day. Their main argument is that Horus is not Jesus but that spot right there is check mate. It should only take 3 minutes and if you like that look up lord Ptah in the gods section for the other parts that became god. I also found an exorcism story on that site. Thoth judging you before you enter heaven Thoth became Saint Peter.Thoth also became Enoch. The site also mentions heaven and your plot of land. Bowing your head before prayers. Celebrating on Dec 25. All on one site and more. Learn more for free at 

Founding Father Thomas Paine was born and raised a Quaker. He knew the old and New Testament by heart. Also as an author he fully understood and knew the context in the the Bible and even knew the dates when the writings were done. Within the Old and New Testament, Thomas Paine found over 6 different contradictions between the 2 books. 

The one that stuck out the most was the contradiction found with in the 4 books Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Where 2 of the book gives the lineage of Jesus each one gave  over 30 names but only 2 names matched giving Jesus’s blood line severe doubt also doubt of Jesus' existence. The 2 names that did match was Moses and Abraham; but when Thomas Paine read the books of Moses and Abraham he notice they were written in the third person and in the past tense. Meaning they could not have been written by Moses or Abraham. Meaning they did not exist. There are no historical records of Moses, Abraham or Jesus that can be found. Thomas Paine also pointed out that the Jewish people were seeking a messiah and had dated history for 500 years and well after the supposed time of Jesus. However no Jewish records mentions Jesus and they all agree today that he never existed. 

Thomas Paine also pointed out that the New Testament where Christians love to 'attempt' to refer to the Old Testament as evidence of Jesus’s existence only fails Thomas Paine went to the Old Testament and read all those alleged spots. He found that none of the spots spoke of Jesus and the Christians have been taking the Old Testament out of context this whole time. The best example is the one evangelicals send in the mail at Christmas time bringing up the story of Isaiah where he mentions I need a son to be born to save my kingdom. The Christians point at that and say “up that’s Jesus” but what Thomas Paine noticed was fake Jesus was not born till 800 years later. An impossibility for Jesus to help Isaiah and two when taken in context Isaiah is speaking of his own son to be born Isaiah Jr. and he is to become heir to his thrown. It was his own son that was to save the kingdom not Jesus. Pretty much Thomas Paine concluded that Jesus never existed and the Old and New Testament are just scams. Thomas Paine figured it out by just actually reading the 2 books and checking on where and when the parts of the Bible were produced providing the hearsay to the obvious.

Hear it free on YouTube: Thomas Paine The Age Of Reason . 

Thomas Paine tells you exactly where to look in the Bible and reads it to you from the Bible and points out so much more. It’s been 200 years since the book came out and it is time for the age of reason. Time for honoring religious lies will soon be coming to an end. Learn more for free at 

Horus also hung on the cross had the three day death and was resurrected. Horus was always with the 12 disciples for he was the sun in the sky. What many don’t know is right in front them every year. Every year as we move towards winter the plants die the days grow shorter it gets cold marking to the ancients the sun Horus was dying. Dec 21 as many know is the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. The day the sun dies and we lose one minute that day but what most don’t know is the following three days Dec 22, 23 and 24 we do not gain or minus any time on those days. Signifying the three day death of the sun in the sky. Also every morning on those three mornings when the sun rises it is near the cross constellation. Still called the crux constellation and it signified to the ancients the three day death of the sun. Where Horus hung  on the cross for three days. Then on Dec 25 we gain one minute to that day. Signifying the birth of the sun in sky later Horus even later Jesus. The Egyptians didn’t celebrate the three day death until equinox because to them the sun was born dec 25. Egyptians even brought in a Palm tree fern and put it up like we do the tree on the 25th. Even though the sun is born the 25th it is not strong enough to fight off night and warm up the earth. Until the duration of day becomes one minute longer than the duration of night marking the equinox and should be the day Easter is celebrated but the church have really messed up the message. With all the popes making so many changes over the years just like the Egyptians did it’s surprising the message stayed this straight.
So you see Horus Jesus never existed just stories about the sun in the sky that got carried away. The 12 Disciples are nothing more than the 12 constellations that is why they always follow with the sun.
Learn more for free at

If you have any ideals you wish to print and put out in restrooms it will be great. 

Bad effects of religion
As I noticed a bad effect of religion or heard one I listed here so this is at random but paints a picture by the end. Sorry if it’s a bit hard to follow and sometimes I repeat parts of some things but I’m trying make the point in another direction to make a different point. Also I couldn’t fit all this into my web page with taking out all the spaces crunching the paragraphs together sorry the site made me do it but it works.
The Religious are hard wired to put faith over reason messing up their morals and decision making.
Religion’s tangled web of lies have started most past wars the crusades, the inquisition. Also arranged marriages to minors, suppression of woman, cutting of clit ,  mutilation of cock circumcision,genital mutilation, put faith over reason, caused disease to make a comeback,bigotry, racism, sexism, condemnation of homosexuals, ethnic cleansing, honor rape, human sacrifice, burning of witches and wizards, suicide bombing, starting and condoning slavery, the systematic raping of children and global warming denial condemning us all to go extinct on this planet. 

The priest hood lie to people for money con it out of them by telling them to donate to the church and god will heal their cancer picking on desperate people. Even poor people telling them if they donate money god will return them their money 100 times fold by getting them a great job a lie getting them to donate the money they are supposed to be surviving on. Evil it is to pick on the poor and the sick for money. They have always went after the rich since the rich were needed to start all the early religions. The priest went after the rich knowing just tricking one would bring them enough money to spread the lie and make more money.  They tell the rich donate and you can get into heaven even if you are bad just donate more and it’ll be forgiven they even talk the rich into leaving all their left over money to the church that is evil as well. Same in the past with Egyptians selling the figurines to the rich to make their heart lighter at judgement before they enter heaven. The priest forcing their followers to live with less and restrict their fun their pleasure their enjoyment for their entire life all for a lie just to make the priest hood and church rich. They get to rape your children make you volunteer to do all their work and all they have to do is fill your head with lies and then you are their willing slave under a mental hold. 

The priest went to Africa and told the most aids ridden country not to wear condoms making the aids problem worse and a show of racism because their book says the dark skin beast is a demon.
Churches fought stem cell research but the second it passed many cures came even the abilities to incubate organs with a persons DNA to match their body perfectly. Direct evidence of religion holding us back they tried to get stem cell research opened for decades before Obama finally OK it.
Religions deadly fanatics are a consequence of religious ideology meeting opportunity in a loser looking to get even or any attention so they resort to religious violence. A lot of people can’t cope with death naturally so they turn to what ever they can find for answers and the con man religion is always there to swoop in with lies to hook you into a donation system to feed the greed of the church. The devil is just the personification of evil obviously they just added a D on evil.
Religion confuses its followers so much that they have a hard time distinguishing fact from fantasy. I seen a news article that ran a test that concluded religious people have a hard time telling truth from lies and regularly picked myth over facts while non religious people could see through lies and had a strong grip on reality.
Moon lander denial is the cause of religion’s lies because a crazy religious so called scientists claimed it was impossible to get through our atmosphere and put a statement on the news claiming no one can get to space or to the moon, even though we have satellites in space and comets fall through constantly the stupid fuck with no common sense believes it is impossible to get to the moon and the ignorant idiots carry it on today adding to the bull shit stories around it and is an now day example of how religion can fuck up a situation for centuries with just one false bull shit statement. The worse part is our society runs on hundred of thousands of these bull shit statements lies and it is the systematic problem with communications between people because how can people communicate when they all have their facts wrong.
One of the greatest freedoms is the freedom of thought. All the great adventures and scenarios you and your mind goes on. Religion even curbs that telling you what you can and can not think about. Not even aloud to imagine having sex with a beautiful model you see in a magazine the orthodox religious all say this . Making religion evil to not vent these thoughts in your head causes one to explode mentally then violently act them out as I’ve been seeing the religious do year after year for decades with rapes and murders.
Religion getting into government is bad for everyone the religious end up being hypocrites and tainting their own morals when joined into politics at the same time they change the laws fucking it up for the non religious turning the world into a boring repressive place.
I blame religion for making people sad in both ways. Pathetically sad hiding from cursing and hemp when it is those little things that can add to daily happiness. The sad part comes when some one curses and the religious person puts their hand over their mouth then try to shame you like they are a little kid shocked by a word and that is sad and pathetic. Religion also makes the world sad because it forces all to hold back on feelings curbs conversation making the religious boring to talk to I’d rather bang my head into the wall.
Then with the large number of religious people they create a social gap between people in public places making it hard for cool intelligent people to find each other and have a good time causing more loneliness and sadness. Not to mention the fact that the non religious have to pretend to be down with the religious or the religious once again will shame them and won’t be their friend. So non religious people often lie to fit in and often fall for the lie when they get old and give up inside and that is wrong and destroys freedom of mind.
Everyone runs from the worlds many problems thinking it will make them happy but statistics show the world is sad. The fact is if people quit running from the worlds problems and start trying to fix it that doing something to help will bring happiness especially if the world joins and works together on the problem we won’t be lonely and will be doing great that lasts forever.
Religious people that are the predators play the victim so hard that the real victim gets treated as if they did something wrong mostly in the case where rich white men rape a girl they are wrong should be hung but instead play the victim hide behind religion oh it can’t be me I’m too good because of religion while the victim gets humiliated accused of lying definitely hurt worse making the rape worse all because religion condones rape.
All of the Bible good philosophy was already written at an earlier time. All the earlier religions the Sumerians, Egyptians and the Pagans all spoke of being good and many of their good sayings ended up in the Bible.
All through history the rich have gotten to live a wonderful fantasy at the cost of the poor while the poor have to live with all the horrors of reality. Then the poor in confusion and desperation use religion as a drug a crutch to get through all lies that smack them in the face daily. Turning to the very religion that priest made and the rich perpetrate to enslave the mind of the poor an evil circle that has been perpetuated by the rich for 6000 years now.
Religious people won’t even consider the fact they are wrong about religion making it impossible for them to realize that they are living a lie. The religion teaches them to resist to be afraid to even try to consider questioning it something the con man did on purpose the same as saying don’t look at the man behind the curtain
Republicans constantly hide behind religion taking the scriptures out of context to push their greedy needs.
Religion makes its followers stand up relentlessly for religion but not stand up at all when it comes to themselves standing up to the injustices of the church .
People that act like they are possessed or kids that act like they are demons are just normal people that feel really lonely with only religious knowledge acting out. They all fake being possessed and the evidence is not a single one would give an interview later on in life because they know they were just being dumb acting out for attention. The priest know it too and hold them down and torture them until the faker decides to act right.
Religion has been causing religious people in the government to get rid of health care for the poor shutting down health care facilities in republican religious controlled states to the point millions are suffering when they don’t need to be.
Religious believe that they have to do bad things, lie, kill for the greater good of the church in their mind. They will push for an agenda even if it is evil or hurts people for the greater good of their agenda instead of doing what is common sense right. Religion has mentally blinded the fanatics. Believing in the religious lie makes it so you easily fall for other lies and deny the really real truth no matter how clearly it is explained to them. Religion uses the threat of burning in hell fire forever and other parts of the Bible to bully, shame,demonize people into doing things their way , seeing their views their way.
The Religious have taken over our governments and have changed our laws. The Religious tell us through law how to have sex how to act what is good or bad for us even tell people how to vote. The Religious make me feel like the Nazi are still in rule. If you look at all the rights early America had and compare it to now you’ll see thousands of rights stripped away by the religious.
They Tell you what you can eat , genitalia mutilation , inquisition, crusades, witch hunts, voted in Nixon, Bush, Trump and Hitler. The Catholic Church started hitler by telling their congregation to vote for hitler because hitler started out Catholic but when he started reading the Pagan book the church began distancing themselves from him. Many nazis attended the Catholic Church this I saw on the history channel.
When Thomas Paine died 2 priest came to him and tried to get him to switch to god at the last seconds before he died but Thomas Paine told them he knows Jesus never existed and they are all con men but then after he died the evil priest changed a dead man words to saying he gave in to god at the last moment and forged a long lie of a poem to god. The church priest have been making the same bull shit claims about all atheist that got popular pointing out the churches lies. They circulate the list on face book I’ve seen it and know from Hitchens that the church has been putting words in dead men’s mouth that spoke against the church. The dirty evil priest proving they know their religion is a lie and have been covering it up for thousands of years and create lies to keep the money and your children coming.
Religion messes up archeology by trying to force the dates to fit around the Bible’s time line. Bull how they condemn the ones telling the real truth in the past they would murder them but now they cut them out of the middle class and rich society making it so all the religious make good money and the ones with the truth have none and are barely surviving badly educated so the religious can get away with their lies easier.
I’ve noticed how religion has taken over all the worlds governments and the worlds rich literally all throughout history and still now and that is why Thomas Paine said religion and government must stay separate but because of religions thirst for power and want to literally take over the world with their lies and deception they will always con their way back into the government as they are now world wide.
People love their religion so much they will turn a blind eye when ever they see a mess up with in their religious book. It also makes them cover up for their priest if the priest lies, rapes, condemn some one for false reason in order to save the church causing twisted evil lies, even when they notice it is a money game. The priest are there just to take your money and play with their human puppets that they use to fuel their propaganda machine.
No matter how strict religion is on sex and teenage sex. Sex is going to happen it is natural and religion trying to restrain it will always just cause problems. When free birth control for teens and work hard to keep the adults away from the teenagers privately is the only way to curve the problem.
Religion is the reason woman are so prude about sex and kills the entire love making experience amongst the heavily devoted religious to the point laugh out loud pathetic.
Religion causes people to avoid the truth the hardships of the earth while they stay in their fairytale land where god is the answer for everything. They also take much hardship created by the rich but the poor take it because of the belief of heaven that does not exist to pacify them.
Religion causes Totalitarian presidents to stay in power believing their leader has all the answers and the Bible has all the answers so if the leader gives claims to the Bible then the people follow blindly. As in the case of Donald Trump all he did was say he loves the Bible when it is obvious the con man spoiled rich brat never read the book and barely went to church only goes when the kiss ass gesture gains him something. Trump an obvious con man just easily says he believes in the Bible and the sheep all line up. The way Trump controls the sheep so easily with out no practice a con man fits right in like a glove. Proving religion was made by a con man made to suit con men making the priest and all the higher in command within the many religions con men.
Religion has religious people to busy praying about their problems and not actively doing something about the problem. Instead they cry and pray while their problems continues to get worse instead of just looking for some one to help.
The Religious want for the end times to happen to bring judgement day and have heaven on Earth. This fantasy has the religious fanatics trying to kill us all trying to bring on the rapture that doesn’t exist. Making the fanatical religious dangerous like the kkk and the fanatical Muslims . There was a group of evangelicals that got charged for trying to instigate a nuclear war I seen it on the news.
Religion makes idiots that would normally stay at home and drink themselves to death instead they give all their alcohol money to the church then go out and speak obvious religious lies like they are truth just constantly shoving that foot into their mouth and act like smug dicks about it. Then eventually there rhetoric turns to let’s blow it all up and bring heaven now when if they would of just dropped religion and worked to make their life better they would of found out they are already in paradise.
Every countries governments that fall under religion call themselves conservatives all around the world deny global warming. When the religious get in power they too are the rich and greed comes with it. They deny global warming and then destroy more protected rain forest after taking down the safe guards deregulation through the government they took over.
Once in government the conservative rich religious fucks always go after the immigrants and any one that doesn’t look like them or act like them because in their head they are all demons. When really the lie of religion has made them the real greedy bigoted repressive demons that they are. Now they destroy our planet by cutting down the trees,filling our oceans with waste , they shoot our endangered animals into extinction, polluted our air, poisoned our water, beat our woman, rape our children but claim the high road and hide behind their innocent followers and lies leading human kind quickly to its extinction and no one is aware enough that has power to stop them.
Religion messes up the religious judgement it makes it so the religious can’t see a catastrophe when it comes and they can’t believe it happened after hit by the catastrophe. This is why religion should never be in government they can’t protect at all their fake prayers don’t help at all. Facts are very important to make decisions on how you live your life, what you say and in dangerous situations knowing the facts can save your life. The right facts can save the planet and is why religion must be stopped. Religion is lies upon lies and anyone that believes in all those lies are mentally lost , their morals are off and their judgement is shit.
Another big thing that bothers me about the religious that is a bad effect of the deeply religious is they can’t take a joke. I have to literally be quiet when ever I meet a new person just trying to gauge whether if they are Religious conservative or liberal and how liberal even religious liberals may seem cool but say one dirty joke and they are calling the cops on your ass when non religious people bust up laughing at the genius of the line I just walked. The fact the religious have to call the cops for every little thing even cursing. Not kidding in Utah some lady heard me cursing flipped out out loud like lost her scrambled religious mind and literally started to call the cops I could hear her talking to them as I got out there I did not wait around for such stupidity. I still find it to be pathetic and childish to get that emotional for a word.
After all curse words all meant something different in the past and were used as regular words for some time and the meanings of these same words still are changing today some with several meanings depending on how you say it. So the religious people need to get the fuck over themselves and grow the fuck up. Also it was the rich that cursed the words in the first place because they couldn’t handle the poor calling them names after the rich religious did everything they could to make them poor so the poor will do their evil biddings for money. The way religion controls people’s thoughts and actions daily is a really bad noticeable bad effect of religion. Trying not to curse trying to think what would Jesus do and then having nothing but 100,000 lies that you believe to go off of it is safe to say religion seriously distorts a religious persons daily action. Not to mention they are looking for demons in people and angles in the sky.
Religion makes it so people are more likely to join an army and go to war. Like mindless slaves ready to give their lives in the name of their fake religion. Made to give them that fearless feeling thinking they’ll be rewarded in the fake after life because the con man that made it all up wanted his tricked slaves to fight hard to their death.
I’ve noticed non religious people never go to the army smart enough to figure out killing isn’t right and getting killed for a fake cause isn’t a good ideal either. Religious people trained their whole life to mindlessly believe everything told to them from authority so it comes natural to fall for the government’s lies and propaganda join the army and then get sent to kill for usually unjust causes that the government lazily tries to justify and the religious war it up every time.
Just like Trump does nothing but obviously lie but the religious believe every word of it because they believe since he is president their leader that god must of put him in there on purpose because their fake god controls everything such fools a bad effect and one of many reasons why religion needs to be stopped.
Religious belief systems trump’s facts. Religion equals improper morals, to have no reason, to ignore facts, become smug dicks because they think they know the truth when really they just know a made up mans story meaning they know nothing but bull shit that controls their morals their thoughts like what would Jesus do and I need to pray for you bull shit. Makes religious people be condescending, smug, makes them act like know it alls when they know nothing but lies. When you use a curse word many still act like children cover their mouths gasp. Living in a fantasy literally their whole life it is safe to say they have never grown up just childish minds acting out what they learned in a badly written deceptive made up book.
There is no Satan no hell no heaven it is all a made up story so any time a Satan worshipper kills someone the blood is still on the Religious hands for making up their religion and passing the lie on confusing idiot people like the fools that regularly commit murders in the name of Satan.
Drop religion and fill it with comedy, music, sports,the bar and just be nice to everyone remember we all share this planet.
Time is up for hope and prayers it is now time for shouts and swears. It’s time to stop the religious with the shouting of truth and the shaming with swears.